Root Cellar Herbs

(New Durham, New Hampshire)
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Diaper Rash Salve
($15.00 )

A natural alternative for any skin irritation, babies react very quickly to this remedy and their skin heals in just 1-2 days.

Digestive Care Tincture
($15.00 )

Remedies diarrhea fast!! Both the raspberry and blackberry are harvested on my farm in local NH.

Ear Infection Oil
($15.00 )

A natural alternative to antibiotics for an ear infection.

Energy Booster Tincture
($15.00 )

Can help to improve energy by cleansing the Adrenal Gland Filter.

Eucalyptus Vapor Rub
($15.00 )

A natural alternative to Vick's Vapor Rub...all natural and safe for your child.

Ezcema Salve
($25.00 )

Try to "solve" the problem with this Eczema Salve!!

Hypoglycemia Balancer Tincture
($15.00 )

Traditionally known to aid in controlling insulin levels.

Insect Repellent Oil
($15.00 )

Protect yourself and family from those pesky bugs!!

Luxurious Moisturizing Cream
($25.00 )

Silky smooth cream for your whole body!! It is great for winter dry skin!!

Lymph Gland Support Tincture
($15.00 )

These herbs have traditionally been known to improve lymphatic filtration and drainage.

Mental Clarity Tincture
($15.00 )

Can improve memory, concentration capabilities, heightens alertness for Altimeters patients.

Muscle Madness Tincture
($15.00 )

A natural alternative to muscle building shakes!! A great source of testosterone.

Root Cellar Herbs is a small apothecary located in rural NH. We are a family owned and operated business offering you organic, natural herbal products for your health and beauty needs. I have also created a Natural Animal Product Line as well. I am a Certified, Medical Herbalist and specialize in Compound Tinctures for your specific needs. Please contact me for any customized products, or with any questions. Thanks for shopping local!! Linda

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