Root Cellar Herbs

(New Durham, New Hampshire)
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Poison Ivy Care Spray
($15.00 )

A great natural relief that works!! You can choose between a spray or dried form of Sweet Fern to be made into a tea.

Prostatitis Care Tincture
($15.00 )

Try an alternative treatment before using prescriptions to see if it will help!!

Sciatica Tincture
($15.00 )

These herbs are very effective in rebuilding and toning frayed nerves to help with sciatica pain.

Silky Soft Eye Cream
($25.00 )

A little treat at the end of the day for you tired eyes, helps with wrinkles and dark spots as well.

Sinuitis Care Tincture
($15.00 )

A complex formula to help rid the body of a sinus infection instead of using an antibiotic.

Snoring Tincture
($15.00 )

Buy it for your spouse!! Then you can get my Seek Peace Tincture to take at bed to ensure a good night's sleep for both of you!!

Superman Tincture-Multi-Vitamin for Men
($15.00 )

A natural alternative to the male's vitamin intake that is easily absorbed by the body in whole form.

Swimmer's Ear Care
($15.00 )

Swimmer's ear is different from ear infections, and would need a different treatment.

The Stimulator Tincture-Deep Immune Care
($15.00 )

Can help to stimulate the Immune System to stay healthy.

Too much Yeast? Tincture
($15.00 )

A tincture to deal with yeast infections, much better than the alternative!!

Urinary Tract Support Tincture for Animals
($15.00 )

This is an anti-micorbial, anti- inflammatory formula to soothe and tone the urinary tract.

Women's Energy Tincture
($15.00 )

Just for women to help with our particular needs in regards to energy and vitamin intake.

Root Cellar Herbs is a small apothecary located in rural NH. We are a family owned and operated business offering you organic, natural herbal products for your health and beauty needs. I have also created a Natural Animal Product Line as well. I am a Certified, Medical Herbalist and specialize in Compound Tinctures for your specific needs. Please contact me for any customized products, or with any questions. Thanks for shopping local!! Linda

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