Bloomingdale Farm Angoras

(Bloomingdale, Ohio)
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Lavender Lilac Angora Yarn
($15.75 )

100% pure angora rabbit fiber yarn dyed to a pale lavender from Bloomingdale Farm Angoras.

Lavender lilac angora yarn FOUR PACK
($45.00 )

FOUR Skeins of pure angora rabbit fur yarn, hand-dyed to soft shades of lilac. Each skein is double ply, and yields about 35 yds.

Light Blue Angora Yarn
($11.75 )

Bloomingdale Farm Angoras 100 % pure angora rabbit fiber yarn, approximately 35 yards of super soft light weight angora yarn.

Light blue angora yarn FOUR PACK
($45.00 )

FOUR skeins of pure angora rabbit fur yarn. Each skein yields approx. 35 yds. of soft, double ply angora yarn dyed light blue.

Light Pink Pure Angora Yarn
($11.75 )

100 percent pure angora rabbit fiber yarn, hand-dyed to a pale pink. This angora yarn is a light weight, double ply yarn.

Natural taupe/tan Mohair Locks - Doll Hair Curly
($24.99 )

One ounce washed combed natural colored curly mohair locks for doll hair crafting. Soft, tan-taupe-gray-cinnamon color mohair.

Orange Boucle 100% Wool Lace Weight Yarn
($6.99 )

Orange loop boucle lace weight wool yarn, skeins yield 100 yds.

Pale Yellow Angora Yarn
(From: $11.75 )

Pale yellow 100% angora rabbit fur yarn made exclusively at Bloomingdale Farm.

Pink Angora Merino Wool Yarn
($10.00 )

Fingering weight pink yarn that is 50% angora rabbit fur and 50% merino wool. Very soft and delightful to use.

Sage Green 100% superwash wool yarn FOUR PACK
($18.50 )

FOUR skeins of custom spun 100% wool, double ply, worsted weight, kettle dyed sage green. Each skein yields approx. 50 yds

White combed mohair locks doll hair
($29.99 )

One ounce of natural white mohair (angora goat) locks, washed, combed and ready for use in doll making, wigs, other crafts

Bulky chunk 100% wool handpainted pastel yarn
($5.95 )

Bulky heavy weight triple ply 100% wool yarn that has been hand painted to various shades of blue, cream, pink, yellow and shades.

Bloomingdale Farm Angoras is a fiber farm, started in 1993 producing exotic natural fibers like angora, mohair, alpaca, fine wools from merino cross and Blue Face Leicester cross sheep, as well as beautifully crafted designer yarns products.

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