Schmidt Road Ranch

(Sebastopol, California)
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Fresh Picked Bay Leaf Still On Branch - 100
($10.00 )

Cultivated since the beginning of recorded history, for both culinary and medicinal purposes. A veritable miracle herb!

Bay Leaf Herb Wreath 16 White Accents
($25.00 )

Simple, attractive wreath containing hundreds of bay leaves with natural white accents.

Queen Anne's Lace Wildflower 100's of Seeds
(From: $5.00 )

Well known contraceptive, great companion for vegetables, aid for kidney and bladder afflictions, and beautiful too!

Bay Leaf Holiday Wreath
($35.00 )

Fragrant and useful bay leaves all dressed up in a delightful holiday wreath to pluck as needed.

Long Pods (3) of Seeds Scarlet Wisteria Tree
($5.00 )

AKA 'Rattlebox'', 'Red Mimosa.' Stunning, Fast Growing Tree with Hanging Clusters of Red/Orange Flowers.

Free Shipping

Fresh Bluegum Eucalyptus Holiday Wreath
($50.00 )

Fragrant and lovely, this wreath will stay good-looking indefinately! A nice departure from the traditional conifer wreath.

Pine Cone Santa Claus Ornament
($15.00 )

A new twist on the old pine cone! Handpainted pine cone with a touch of moss!

Port Orford Cedar Christmas Wreath
($50.00 )

Beautiful option to traditional fir wreath. Natural drape of the boughs makes for a lovely and classic holiday brightener!

Organic Dried St. John's Wort Loose Tea 1 oz
($10.00 )

2014 crop is dried and ready to ship! Not many orders available, get it while you can....

Free Shipping

Organic Chocolate Mint Plant 3 Healthy Starts
($6.00 )

Its subtle chocolate flavor makes this a favorite in refreshing summer iced teas and coffees. Use fresh, dried, or frozen.

Rare, Delicious, Sweet, Tart, Jonathon Apples
($50.00 )

Try this mostly forgotten, old fashioned apple. You will be VERY glad you did!

Free Shipping

Bay + Sage Herb Wreath 16 Blue Accents
($25.00 )

Simple, attractive wreath containing hundreds of bay leaves, clusters of white sage and natural blue accents.

My Grandfather, Roland Schmidt bought this ranch in 1939. I was raised here, and am now raising my own Grandchildren here. It is a beautiful, wild place, covered with flora and fauna. Along with our Gravensteins, which have been producing since the turn of the century, we have many California Bay trees, and wild St. John's Wort.

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