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Spinach -Bloomsdale Heirloom NonGMO
($2.75 )

Spinach is easy to grow. I love walking out to my garden and picking fresh spinach for my salad.

Lambs Quarter Seeds - Heirloom
($2.75 )

The leaves and stems are edible and absolutely delicious, with a flavor that can be compared to spinach or chard.

Corn - Jade Blue - Heirloom NON GMO
($2.75 )

BABY BLUE JADE CORN is a delightful heirloom that is one of the only sweet corns that can be grown in containers.

Chard Five Color Silverbeet Heirloom
($2.75 )

This wonderful plant will grow just about anywhere. Low sun, lots of sun, poor soil, you name it.

Lavender Seed - Heirloom - Perennial
($2.75 )

A delicate and versatile variety, lavender is especially cherished for its elegant appearance and lovely scent.

Squash - Zucchini -Black Beauty Heirloom
($2.75 )

The standard summer squash - Compact everbearing bush.

Tomato - Black Krim - Heirloom
($2.75 )

This is a wonderful open pollinated variety tomato that is organically grown and an heirloom variety. rich flavor.

Comfrey Herb Seed - Heirloom
($3.75 )

Symphytum is an erect perennial growing in most damp areas of the United Kingdom, Europe, western Asia and the U.S.A.

Cucumber - Boston Pickling - Heirloom
($2.75 )

Boston Pickling cucumber has been around for a long time for good reason, it is the standard for homemade pickles.

Carrot - Nantes Heirloom
($2.75 )

Cylindrical roots are 7" long with blunt tips. Fine-grained bright red-orange flesh is nearly coreless. Great flavor, sweet.

Tomato - Homestead Heirloom
($2.75 )

These are nice disease resistant tomatoes. They set on a little later than others. We will plant them again.

Carrot - Danvers - Heirloom
($2.75 )

High yields in clay or heavy soils. Uniform 6-8" by 2-2½" roots. Dark bright-orange flesh, nearly coreless.

We are setting up our store to sell seeds and bulbs that we harvest from our garden. We plant only heirloom seeds.\\r\\nNO GMO HERE !!

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