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Bean - Anasazi Heirloom - NON GMO
($1.50 )

Anasazi beans were first planted by the native people of the Four Corners region of the United States. Anasazi beans are versatile

Pepper - Bell - California Wonder
($1.50 )

Uniform dark green thick fleshed fruits grow on strong upright plants.

Bean - Provider Bush Green Bean
($1.50 )

Provider produces beans on an early schedule as compared to other varieties. Provider also offers heavy harvests.

Cucumber - Boston Pickling - Heirloom
($1.50 )

Boston Pickling cucumber has been around for a long time for good reason, it is the standard for homemade pickles.

Nasturtium - Dwarf Alaska - Mixed Colors
($1.50 )

Foliage is green and white. It goes good with the two-inch flowers.

Tomato - Roma - Heirloom - NON GMO
($1.50 )

Very heavy producers. Mild 2-3 ounce fruits. These are great for canning.

Celery - Tall Utah - Heirloom
($1.50 )

This open-pollinated variety "Utah" yields vigorous, stocky plants with thick, solid, tender yet crisp stalks.

Kale - Red Russian - Heirloom
($1.50 )

Red Russian Kale is both a hardy and healthy plant to add to your garden this growing season.

Pepper - Jalapeno
($1.50 )

A favorite hot pepper. Used to season many dishes like salsa and green chili.

Carrot - Atomic Red - Heirloom
($1.50 )

The tapered roots of Atomic Red are bright red, and the color only gets richer when this vegetable is cooked!

Chives - Herb - Heirloom
($1.50 )

Small, dainty onion-like plant with decorative light purple flowers.

Lettuce - Paris Island Cos Lettuce (Romaine)
($1.50 )

Paris Island forms upright 10-12 heads that are uniform, medium green, slightly savoyed with a creamy white heart.

We have set up our store to sell seeds and bulbs that we harvest from our garden. We plant only heirloom seeds. NO GMO HERE !!

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