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Kale - Red Russian - Heirloom
($2.75 )

Red Russian Kale is both a hardy and healthy plant to add to your garden this growing season.

Lettuce - Salad Blend
($2.75 )

Easy-to-grow, gourmet mixture of lettuce and salad greens.

Pepper - Jalapeno
($2.75 )

A favorite hot pepper. Used to season many dishes like salsa and green chili.

Sage - White - NO GMO - Heirloom
($2.75 )

Herbaceous perennial. The beautiful white foliage of this indigenous plant sets off the silver-blue flowering spikes.

Cauliflower - Purple of Sicily - Non GMO
($2.75 )

This is so beautiful! It is nice to have in the garden just because it is so interesting. The lovely purple color is a very nice contrast to vegetable plates.

Zinnia - Giants of California - Heirloom
($2.75 )

Large, fully double dahlia type flowers bloom on sturdy branching plants.

Bean - Black Turtle - Heirloom
($2.75 )

Green 6" pods with purple overlay, shiny jet-black seeds. Good for snap beans and dry beans. Pole habit, snap or dry, 85 days.

Broccoli - Early Type Calabrese - 30 Seeds
($2.75 )

An early broccoli with amazing quality. Great to eat fresh or freeze for later use.

Nasturtium - Dwarf Alaska - Mixed Colors
($2.75 )

Foliage is green and white. It goes good with the two-inch flowers.

Pea, Green Arrow - Heirloom - NON GMO
($2.75 )

An English main crop variety and standard home and market variety. Slim pointed pods are 4-5" long and contain 8-11 small deep green peas.

Lettuce - Paris Island Cos Lettuce (Romaine)
($2.75 )

Paris Island forms upright 10-12 heads that are uniform, medium green, slightly savoyed with a creamy white heart.

Watermelon - Sugar Baby
($2.75 )

This is a very sweet small melon. They are great for home gardens.

We are setting up our store to sell seeds and bulbs that we harvest from our garden. We plant only heirloom seeds.\\r\\nNO GMO HERE !!

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