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Pea - Sugar Snap - Heirloom - NON GMO
($2.75 )

Vines grow 5-6' tall and are heavy producers of 2" pods.

before present snap pea types.

Chives - Herb - Heirloom
($2.75 )

Small, dainty onion-like plant with decorative light purple flowers.

Radish - Cherry Belle - Heirloom
($2.75 )

Cherry Belle is a round, crunchy, crisp bright cherry red radish with an ourstanding flavor.

Rosemary Herb Seeds - Heirloom
($2.75 )

Rosemary is a woody, perennial herb with fragrant, evergreen needle-like leaves. It is native to the Mediterranean region.

Turnip Seed - Purple Top White Globe - Heirloom
($2.75 )

This turnip variety is grown both for its mild flavored, crisp roots and its greens.

Watermelon - Moon & Stars Heirloom
($2.75 )

Medium-sized oval dark green fruits are covered with pea-sized bright yellow "stars". Sweet pink flesh.

Bee Balm = Lemon Mint Herb - Heirloom
($2.75 )

Used by Native Americans for medicinal and culinary purposes. Citrus-flavored leaves can be minced and added to fruit jellies.

Beet - Detroit Dark Red - Heirloom
($2.75 )

Round, deep-red roots are tender and sweet. Excellent for canning or freezing.

Cabbage - Chinese Michihili - Heirloom
($2.75 )

Chinese cabbages thrives in milder climates but can be planted in any zones.

Carrot - Chantenay -Heirloom
($2.75 )

Sweet flavor at any size, becoming even sweeter when stored.

Cilantro Seed
($2.75 )

Cilantro leaves provide an essential sweet, pungent contrast in Mexican food.

Poppy - Beautiful Ladybird Heirloom 50 Seeds
($2.75 )

Bright fire-engine red with conspicuous black spots. One of my favorites.

We are setting up our store to sell seeds and bulbs that we harvest from our garden. We plant only heirloom seeds.\\r\\nNO GMO HERE !!

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