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Hollyhock - Outhouse - Heirloom
($1.50 )

Single blooms of white, light pink, pinkish-red, magenta and burgundy.

Pea, Green Arrow - Heirloom - NON GMO
($1.50 )

An English main crop variety and standard home and market variety. Slim pointed pods are 4-5" long and contain 8-11 small deep green peas.

Pepper - Anaheim - Heirloom
($1.50 )

Delicious mildly hot flavor, excellent for roasting or frying, good yields of very large chili peppers

Borage Herb - Heirloom
($1.50 )

Similar in taste to certain types of cucumber, borage is a tasty culinary herb that is widely used in Europe and increasingly popular in the United States.

Cabbage - Chinese Michihili - Heirloom
($1.50 )

Chinese cabbages thrives in milder climates but can be planted in any zones.

Cantaloupe Seeds - Hales Best Heirloom
($1.50 )

The fruit weighs 5 to 6 pounds, and it's mostly flesh -- the seed cavity is small.

Cumin Herb Seeds
($1.50 )

Cumin is a herb and is used as a spice, in many foods from different cultures around the world. The plant itself is an annual.

Greens - Mesclun Gourmet
($1.50 )

Grow seven different salad greens from just one packet of seed with this special mix. Textures of argugula & endive.

Leek - American Flag - Heirloom
($1.50 )

Leek looks similar to large scallions. The foliage is green with white bottoms.

Pumpkin - Jack-O-Lantern Type
($1.50 )

Ideal multi-use pumpkin. Both for Jack-O-Lanterns and eatting.

Sunflower - Lemon Queen - Prize Winning
($1.50 )

A prolific sunflower, with unique pointed petals in lemon-yellow with chocolate brown centers, to 4-5" across.

Survival -Three Sisters Corn Beans Squash
($24.95 )

The Three Sisters Corn Beans and Squash Survivalist Pack of Garden Seed Native American Seeds

We have set up our store to sell seeds and bulbs that we harvest from our garden. We plant only heirloom seeds. NO GMO HERE !!

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