Refining Fire Chiles

(Lakeside, California)
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Moruga Scorpion Pepper 10+ Seeds $6.99
($6.99 )

The Moruga Scorpion is the hottest pepper in the world. Recently tested and hit a high of 2,009,231 SHU. NMSU used my seeds.

Carolina Reaper Hot Pepper 10+ Seeds
($8.99 )

The Carolina Reaper is a superhot open pollinated pepper made by a man named Ed Currie. It is one of the Hottest on earth!

Carolina Reaper Pepper Plants Combo $26.99
($26.99 )

The Carolina Reaper is a stable cross superhot OP pepper. You get 2 Reaper, 2 Chocolate Moruga Scorpion and 2 King Naga.

Carolina Reaper 5+ Dried Peppers
($6.99 )

The Carolina Reaper is one of the World's Hottest Peppers at over 1,500,000 SHU (Scoville Heat Units) as of 2013.

Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Dried Peppers
($7.99 )

Trinidad Moruga Scorpion 6 dried Peppers. These are extremely hot so use caution when handling! Hottest pepper in the World!

Chocolate Bhut Jolokia Pepper 10+ Seeds
($6.99 )

The Chocolate Bhut Jolokia or Ghost Chile is the brown version of the Ghost pepper. Sweeter flavor and just as much heat!

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Peter Pepper Red - 10 seeds
($3.99 )

The Peter Pepper is shaped like a male sex organ. It has a good heat and flavor. Easy to grow.

Highbush Blueberry Seeds 75 Stratified seeds
($4.29 )

Stratified Blueberry seed ready to germinate only $4.29 for 75+ seeds. Large Highbush BlueBerry plants produce the sweetest berry

Trinidad Douglah 7 Pot Pepper 10+ Seeds
($7.99 )

The Douglah 7 Pot or Chocolate 7 Pot is one of the hottest and rarest peppers in the world. Full of flavor & a good producer.

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Aji Amarillo Hot Pepper 10+ seeds
($6.99 )

Aji Amarillo (capsicum baccatum)-A very fruity chile that can get over 6 inches in length! 10+ seeds $6.99! Very rare!

Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Plant Collection
($18.99 )

You get 2 Moruga plants, 2 Trinidad Chocolate Scorpion and 2 Trinidad 7 Pot Jonah plants for $18.99

Bhut Jalokia Hot Pepper 10+ Seeds
($5.99 )

What is the Hottest Chile? The Hottest Pepper in the World is the Bhut Jolokia or Ghost Chile. 10 +seeds $5.99

I am a grower of the World's Hottest Chiles. I sell seeds from these chiles and other plants I cultivate Rare Heirloom Vegetables. Also exotic fruits. Also some palms and cycads that have medicinal value in their berries, seeds and fruits.

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