Refining Fire Chiles

(Lakeside, California)
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Bhut Jalokia Hot Pepper 10+ Seeds
($5.99 )

What is the Hottest Chile? The Hottest Pepper in the World is the Bhut Jolokia or Ghost Chile. 10 +seeds $5.99

Pasilla Bajio-Chilaca Pepper 20 Seeds
($3.99 )

Pasilla Bajio-Chilaca-capsicum annum-Also when fresh called chile negro. Peppers grow 8 to 10 inches long and are thin walled.

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Red Noodle Bean-Asparagus Bean-25+ Seeds
($4.39 )

Red Noodle bean also called Yard Long bean is sweet and tender and is great steamed, stir fry, soups and stews! easy to grow.

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Asparagus Mary Washington 100 Seeds
($3.99 )

Mary Washington Asparagus seeds. 100 seeds $3.99. Can produce spears for up to 20 years!

Aji Panca Hot Pepper 10+ Seeds
($5.99 )

Aji Panca-(Capsicum chinense) is a large dark brown chile from Peru. Also called Aji Brown, Known for it's rich smoky flavor!

Jay's Red Ghost Scorpion Pepper 10+ Seeds
($9.99 )

Jay's Red Ghost Scorpion is a 4th generation cross variety between the Trinidad Scorpion and the Ghost Chile. Extremely hot!

Pimientos de Padron Pepper 20 seeds
($3.99 )

Padrons are served sauteed in olive oil with a little sea salt, and eaten as tapas (appetizer) in Spain. One out of 5 has heat!

Aji Lemon Drop Pepper 10+ Seeds
($5.99 )

The Aji Lemon Drop is one of the easiest Aji pepper types to grow from Peru. It has a nice citrus flavor. 10+ Seeds for $5.99!

Lilliput Zinnia Mix 200+ Seeds
($3.99 )

Lilliput Zinnia-(Zinnia Elegans)-This species of Zinnias is known for it's attraction of butterflies.

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Melrose Sweet Pepper 20+ Seeds
($2.99 )

A sweet Heirloom Italian pepper know for it's famous use in ethnic Italian Chicago neighborhoods. So good with any Italian dish!

Spinach Organic Smooth Leaf 100 seeds
($4.29 )

Organic Smooth Leaf variety. Less bitterness than savoy. The kind you can get your kids to eat. Slow Bolting & easy to grow.

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Squash Black Beauty Zucchini Organic 25 seeds
($3.99 )

Squash Black Beauty Zucchini Organic seeds. 25 Seeds $3.99 Free Shipping. The healthiest dark green squash!

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I am a grower of the World's Hottest Chiles. I sell seeds from these chiles and other plants I cultivate Rare Heirloom Vegetables. Also exotic fruits. Also some palms and cycads that have medicinal value in their berries, seeds and fruits.

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