Refining Fire Chiles

(Lakeside, California)
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Chilhuacle Amarillo Pepper 10+ Seeds
($4.99 )

This is one of the traditional chiles used to dry into a powder to make Mexican Mole sauce in Oaxaca, Mexico. Very nice flavor!

Chilhuacle Negro Pepper 10+ Seeds
($4.99 )

The Chilhuacle Negro is another rare traditional chile that is used for seasoning and making mole. It is from Oaxacan, Mexico.

Criolla de Cocina Sweet Pepper 10+ Seeds
($4.99 )

Criolla de Cocina is a rare sweet pepper from the country of Nicaragua. It grows wrinkly looking peppers the size of baseballs!

Datil Sweet Pepper 10+ Seeds
($3.99 )

The datil pepper is a very tasty and hot pepper. This is the Sweet Datil pepper that has no heat and is very fruity!

Dolmalik Biber Pepper 10+ Seeds
($5.99 )

The Dolmalik Biber is a rare spicy Ancho type from the country of Turkey. It has a rich flavor and is very productive!

Doux des Landes Pepper 10+ Seeds
($4.99 )

The Doux des Landes is a sweet pepper from France that looks like a long cayenne but has no heat. It is very rare.

Elephant Ears Pepper 10+ Seeds
($4.99 )

The rare Elephant Ears sweet pepper is so juicy you better wear a bib if you bite into one fresh! Great roasted!

Faludi Pepper 10+ Seeds
($4.99 )

The Faludi pepper is a rare paprika type pepper from Hungary with mild heat! Easy to grow and very productive!

Ferenc Tender Pepper 10+ seeds
($4.99 )

Ferenc Tender is a rare sweet paprika from Hungary that is very productive. Great for roasting, stuffing or making powders.

Golden Marconi Sweet Pepper Seeds
($1.99 )

Golden Marconi are a very productive sweet Italian Heirloom pepper. They can be fried or stuffed. So sweet you can eat them fresh!

Grenada Seasoning Pepper 10+ Seeds
($3.99 )

The Grenada Seasoning pepper has delicious habanero flavor without the high heat! A great sauce or cooking pepper!

Joelenes Rustic Italian Pepper 10+ seeds
($4.99 )

Joelenes Rustic Italian is a very sweet Italian frying pepper. It is so sweet you can eat it raw and put it in your kids lunchbox.

I am a grower of the World's Hottest Chiles. I sell seeds from these chiles and other plants I cultivate Rare Heirloom Vegetables. Also exotic fruits. Also some palms and cycads that have medicinal value in their berries, seeds and fruits.

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