Refining Fire Chiles

(Lakeside, California)
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Tomatillo Verde 50 seeds $3.99
($3.99 )

Tomatillo Verde-This is the popular Green Mexican Tomatillo famous for making tangy green sauces and salsas! Great for salads!

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Velvet Queen Sunflower 50+ seeds
($4.29 )

The Velvet Queen is one of the darkest color sunflowers. It grows over 6 feet in height.

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Baby Blue Eucalyptus Tree 25+ Seeds
($4.99 )

Baby Blue Eucalyptus-Beautiful bluish-gray foliage used in floral arrangements. A gorgeous tree!

Black-eyed Susan Flower 1,000+ Seeds
($4.29 )

A beautiful and easy to grow wildflower that will brighten up any area with a kiss of sunshine!

Butterhead Lettuce Organic 300 Seeds
($3.99 )

Nancy strain Butterhead lettuce organic seeds. Shipped free. Big Boston type with strong disease resistance.

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Cilantro Mexican Specialty 100 Seeds Organic
($3.99 )

Cilantro Mexican Specialty Type seeds Organic. Shipped Free!

Jay's Peach Ghost Scorpion Pepper 10+ Seeds
($9.99 )

Jay's Peach Ghost Scorpion is a 4 year old cross variety between the Trinidad Scorpion and Ghost chile. Extremely hot!

Purple Tomatillo 50+ seeds $3.99
($3.99 )

Purple Tomatillo-Physalis ixocarpa-68 days Beautiful purple fruit, large size. 50+ seeds $3.99!

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Skyscraper Sunflower 50+ Seeds
($4.99 )

This is the giant sunflower that can reach heights of 15 feet or more! That's why they call it the Skyscraper!

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Thumbelina Zinnia Flower 200+ seeds
($3.99 )

Thumbelina Zinnia-(Zinnia elegans)-These elf sized zinnias only grow to a height of 6 inches. A great for borders!

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Trinidad Chocolate Scorpion Dried Peppers
($6.99 )

Trinidad Chocolate Scorpion 6 dried Peppers $6.99. Extremely hot and rare! Use Caution when handling!

Trinidad Perfume Chile 10+ seeds
($5.99 )

Trinidad Perfume-(Capsicum chinense)-Is a very fruity pepper that has the taste of hot peppers but little heat. 10+ seeds $5.99

I am a grower of the World's Hottest Chiles. I sell seeds from these chiles and other plants I cultivate Rare Heirloom Vegetables. Also exotic fruits. Also some palms and cycads that have medicinal value in their berries, seeds and fruits.

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