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(Lexington, Massachusetts)
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Morning Glory Granpa Ott's
($2.50 )

Old fashioned vine with glorious blue flowers that climb up fences or trellis. Each packet has 20 seeds.

Mortgage Lifter Tomato Seeds
($2.95 )

Large slicing tomato that was created by a home gardener to help "lift" his home debt. Each Packet has 10 seeds.

Oregano, Herb
($1.90 )

Ancient spice for meats and tomato based dishes. Can be grown on your windowsill or near the door for easy picking. 30 seeds.

Red Russian Kale Seeds
($3.50 )

In addition to delicious flavor, nutritionists say kale is one of the best sources of vitamins and antioxidants! 30 seeds.

Rose Mallow Seed
($2.75 )

Creamy 2" flowers on 2-3' stems, this is a native perennial wildflower generally growing in warmer climates.

SALE - Wild Columbine Flower Seeds
($2.00 )

SALE!! Wild Columbine is a super way to incorporate more native plants into your garden. Each packet has approximately 100 seeds.

Soapwort / Bouncing Bet Flower Seeds
($2.75 )

Heirloom flower whose stems & roots can be used to create gentle suds. Plants will spread in most soils. 30 seeds per packet.

Leek Seed
($2.75 )

Grow your own Leeks - they are easy to grow and provide a gentle spice to many dishes.

Arugula (Rocket)
($3.00 )

Spice up your salads with arugula! Crisp leaves add peppery flavor. Each packet has 30 seeds.

Chinese Yard Long Beans
($3.75 )

Unique and packed with vitamins! The 20" beans make a tasty addition to stir fry dishes and soups. 6 foot vines are vigorous.

Oriental Poppy Salmon Color
($4.00 )

Impossibly thin salmon petals and a dramatic purple black middle make this a focal point of the garden. Approx. 100 seeds.

Swiss Chard - Rainbow
($4.00 )

This is an under appreciated type of greens very high in vitamin A and calcium. Each seed packet has approx. 10 seed clusters.

We grew several new items in 2013! New flowers and veggies include: Indigo Rose tomatoes, Christmas Lima Beans, Kentucky Wonder Pole Green Beans, Brown Mustard Seeds (grow your own mustard seeds to make stone ground mustard), Leeks, Rose Mallow and Black Eyed Susan. We are featuring easy to grow heirloom tomatoes such as Cherokee Purple, Black and my personal favorite, Japanese Black Trifele. At Frog Pond Gardens we use natural methods to grow flowers and vegetables by hand. We sell our vegetable seeds and flower seeds. We do not use chemicals or genetically modified (GMO) seeds. Our gardens are next to our 200 year old home in historic Lexington, MA, and yes, we DO have a frog pond. We maintain the gardens using natural methods including our own compost, fish emulsion, and integrated pest management with no pesticides. Some of our seeds are in the Slow Food USA "Ark of Taste" programs.

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