Flatland Alpacas

(Griswold, Connecticut)
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Alpaca Wool Boot Liners Felt Insoles
($12.50 )

The amazing thermal qualities of alpaca make these All Natural insoles just the thing for your boots.

'It's for the Birds!' Nest Ball
($8.00 )

Provide nesting materials for your feathered friends. Vine ball & 2 oz. of raw alpaca fiber.

Large Wool Dryer Balls All Natural
($16.00 )

Eco Friendly - All Natural, No Dyes - Long Lasting - A natural solution for softening clothes - colors vary

Nostepinde aka Nostepinne Ball Winder
($13.00 )

The original, portable center pull ball maker originating from Scandinavia

Alpaca Poo-Tea Soil Conditioner
($8.00 )

The green approach to chemical fertilizers... 3 - 3x5 all cotton tea bags filled with dried alpaca poo.

Flatland Alpacas Poo-Tea� Soil Conditioner
($5.00 )

The green approach to chemical fertilizers...an all-natural, clean-end product...

Local Pickup Only

It's for the Birds! Fiber Refill
($2.50 )

Alpaca fiber refill for our "It's for the Birds!" nest balls.

Note Cards - Funny Cute Alpacas
(From: $1.99 )

Flatland Alpacas herd members photographed and mounted on premium card stock.

Core Spun Rug Yarn
($100.00 )

Core Spun Rug Yarn is big stitch yarn from alpaca & wool wrapped around a core of cotton, wool or sisal

Flatland Alpacas Poo-Tea� 6x10 Burlap Bag
($4.00 )

Flatland Alpacas Poo-Tea� Soil Conditioner... An all-natural, green, clean-end plant food

Handwoven Alpaca & Wool Rug
($90.00 )

Handwoven on our farm 2x3 Alpaca & Wool Rug - NO Shedding!

Spinning Wheel Lessons
($40.00 )

Spinning fiber is not that difficult. Once you learn the basics of how to use a spinning wheel, it's just a matter of practice.

Local Pickup Only

We take pride in the quality of alpaca fiber produced on our farm. We offer yarn and roving in both natural and hand-dyed varieties. These luxurious fibers are hand dyed by Flatland Alpacas on our farm in Griswold, Connecticut. Our eye for color and attention to texture come together to produce these original and elegant artisan yarns. All alpaca fiber is harvested from our herd unless otherwise noted.

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