White Oak Valley Farm

(McDonald, Tennessee)
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Red Marconi Italian Sweet Pepper Seeds
(From: $1.75 )

Beautiful, non-bell peppers are super sweet and taste wonderful fried, cooked, dried, or eaten fresh! An old Italian heirloom.

Aji Dulce #2 Heirloom Hot/Sweet Pepper Seeds
($2.50 )

A wonderful variety for seasoning. Habanero flavor without the heat!

Cherokee Purple Heirloom Tomato Seeds
(From: $1.85 )

An old-time Tennessee Heirloom that is world renowned for its exceptional flavor! Wonderful eaten fresh or canned!

Manalucie Heirloom Large Red Tomato Seeds
(From: $1.99 )

A very dependable variety that is bot heat tolerant and disease resistant. Produces large red fruits with a hearty flavor.

Mule Team OP Heirloom Tomato Seeds
($1.60 )

Wonderful deep red fruits have a slightly acidic, robust, old-time tomato flavor! A favorite for eating fresh, slicing, or canning.

Old Brooks Red Heirloom Tomato seeds
($1.95 )

An old-fashioned variety that has been grown in gardens for years. Wonderful, slightly acidic tomato flavor! Good for canning!

Rocotillo Heirloom OP Hot Pepper Seeds
($2.75 )

A fairly mild, habanero type pepper from Puerto Rico which tastes wonderful in soups, Spanish cooking, and in gourmet dishes!

Silvery Fir Tree Heirloom Tomato Seeds
($2.25 )

A beautiful addition to any garden, plants have a unique appearance similar to a small fir tree. Fruits are tasty.

Anaheim Chili Heirloom Hot Pepper Seeds
(From: $1.50 )

Also known as the California Green Chili. Perfect for making sauces and salsas. A main ingredient in many Mexican recipes!

Giant Belgium Pink Heirloom Tomato seeds
($1.99 )

Giant, pink fruits are juicy and have a wonderfully mild flavor. Some fruits can weigh as much as 3 lbs! Abundant harvests!

San Marzano Heirloom Paste Tomato Seeds
($1.75 )

An old Italian favorite, this variety makes the difference in sauces and soups! Outstanding deep red color and hearty flavor!

Sweet Cayenne Heirloom Pepper Seeds
($2.25 )

A very rare heirloom variety that has the flavor of cayenne pepper but without the heat. Great for cooking or eating fresh!

Welcome! We're glad you stopped by! We are a family farm dedicated to growing and providing only the best heirloom and non-hybrid seeds to home gardeners. Our specialties include tomatoes, peppers, and beans.

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