A-Frame Farms

(Madison, Minnesota)
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Golden Flax - Organic
(From: $12.50 )

Certified Organic Flax. High in omega-3 fatty acids, lignan, and soluble fiber. Mild, nutty flavour and with a golden color.

Hard red spring wheat berries
(From: $11.75 )

Hard red spring wheat berries are perfect for nutty, crusty whole wheat breads. Cracked wheat is excellent for artisan bread.

Flax Grinder
($20.00 )

Flax grinder, to order with our organic flax. It is the same counter top appliance used for coffee grinding.

Hulled Barley
(From: $11.25 )

Hulled barley has only the outer layer removed and is equal to pearled barley for soups, stews, and various dishes.

Pearled Barley
(From: $11.75 )

Pearled barley has the outer hull removed and is "polished" to provide a quicker cooking, chewy, pasta like consistency.

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