Rancho Charanda Citrus Ranch

(Redlands, California)
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Valentine Gift Box
($36.50 )

ON SALE NOW! Valentine gift box. Our sweet California citrus. The perfect healthy gift for the sweetie(s) in you life :)

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Valencia Oranges
(From: $24.95 )

Fresh, juicy, healthy, California Valencia oranges. Picked tree ripe & packed to order.

Free Shipping

Noche Buena - Citrus Variety Box
(From: $35.50 )

Just in time for the holidays. Our NEW Noche Buena Citrus gift boxes with our signature Noche Buena citrus label.

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Pitaya Dragon Fruit Organic
(From: $28.00 )

A sweet, unique cactus fruit, with a light floral taste. Similar in size as a large kiwi and consumed in a similar manner.

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Citrus Holiday Box
(From: $35.50 )

Just in time for the holidays. Our new Citrus Holiday gift box. A variety of our citrus with our signature Poinsettia label.

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Thanksgiving Variety Gift Box
($39.50 )

Thanksgiving Holiday Gift box...Filled with our tasty, healthy seasonal treats. Mini Pumpkins, Tahiti Limes, Oranges & Avocados.

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Blood Oranges
($29.95 )

Tree-ripe California blood oranges with a deep red flesh and high in antioxidants.

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Limes Tahiti
(From: $22.50 )

Tahiti Lime. A juicy, tasty, freshly picked organic California Lime. Aka the Bearss Lime or Persian Lime.

Free Shipping

Fuyu Persimmon
(From: $22.00 )

A delicious, slightly sweet, firm fruit. Not astringent tasting like regular persimmons.

Free Shipping

Cactus Nopalitos Nopales Organic
(From: $17.95 )

Fresh, healthy and tasty Mexican Cactus paddles. Hand-picked & hand-packed when you order. Includes instructions on de-spining.

Free Shipping

Holiday Sugarcane Gift Box
($42.00 )

The perfect winter treat for the kids. A box of healthy, juicy, sweet, delicious, organic California grown sugarcane.

Free Shipping

(From: $24.50 )

Pomegranates. This healthy fruit with an ancient background is the perfect fruit to eat-out-of-hand or at the table.

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Rancho Charanda is a citrus ranch nestled in the east valley of Redlands, California known as Crafton Hills. Charanda derives from the Tarascan dialect of central Mexico and translates to "red soil."

The unique climate and rich clay soil fed by pure mountain water are the main ingredients that make our citrus so sweet and juicy and our vegetables high in nutrients.

All our fruit is fully tree-ripened then carefully hand-picked, hand-cleaned and hand-packed to ensure that you receive the freshest, tastiest fruits & vegetables available. We only pick when you have placed your order.

Our motto: "If we would not serve it to our family... we would definitely not sell it to our customers"

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