Creek's Edge Elk Farm and Crum Creek CSA

(St. Johnsville, New York)
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Elk Bundle #3
($146.30 )

High Steaks Package- consists of top quality elk steaks. Juicy and delicious, not to mention healthy, this is a fabulous bundle!

Elk NY Strip Steak
($15.92 )

NY Strip Steak is a one of our best steaks, both flavorful and tender. .57lb

Elk Bundle # 4
($137.50 )

Elk Sampler - a 10lb bundle of healthy, delicious elk meat that contains a little of everything.

Elk Bundle #1
($125.80 )

Roasting Heaven - Elk Bundle 1 - consisting of 10lbs of healthy and delicious elk meat, all great for roasting, inside or out.

Elk Bundle #2
($107.25 )

Economy Bundle - consists of 10lbs of more economical cuts. A great choice if you'd like to taste elk for the first time.

Elk Cube Steak
($17.75 )

Cube Steak weighs .96lbs. An economical cut, but one of our favorites

Elk Delmonico Steak
($21.80 )

.59lb elk Delmonico steaks are a boneless cut with tons of flavor. A very popular item. Comes in a package of two.

Elk Eye of the Round Roast
($63.00 )

An elk Eye of the Round Roast is ideal for that fancy dinner party or even just to make everyday a little more special. 2lb roast

Elk Sirloin Steak
($10.50 )

.65lb Sirloin Steak- an more economical steak, that does not skimp on flavor.

Elk Sirloin Tip Roast
($41.00 )

Elk Sirloin Tip Roast- makes a heavenly pot roast. Weighs 3.25lb

Selling locally raised meat and eggs, including elk, beef, chicken, pork, and lamb. All meat is from healthy animals raised by us at Crum Creek CSA and Creek's Edge Elk Farm.

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