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Alpaca Meat - Ground
($6.00 )

Local delivery or pickup only. Call for processing options. Additional charges for processing.

Local Pickup Only

Brown Chicken Eggs - Dozen
($3.50 )

Fresh off the farm chicken eggs - may be fertilized or not. By the dozen. Varied sizes, not graded, clean but not washed.

Local Pickup Only

Huacaya Alpaca Roving per ounce
($6.00 )

Huacaya alpaca roving, assorted colors, by the ounce

Local Pickup Only

Raw Alpaca Fleece - assorted colors
($6.00 )

Raw alpaca fleece, assorted colors, assorted grades (approximate).

Local Pickup Only

Clean Mohair Fleece - White
(From: $6.00 )

White mohair fleece from angora goats. Skirt clean but not spun or processed any other way. Unbelieveably soft!

Huacaya Alpaca Hide - Tanned
($350.00 )

Soft alpaca hide from Huacaya. Adult size approximately 3x2 feet excluding leg, neck and tail.

Alpaca Meat - Diced for Stew
($15.00 )

Cut into 1/2 to 1 inch cubes, perfect for kabobs, stews, soups. No additions. Very lean. See our website for recipes.

Local Pickup Only

Alpaca Meat - whole or half
(From: $375.00 )

We have alpacas available as whole or half. Live animals shipped to the slaughterhouse & submitted in your name. Processing extra.

Local Pickup Only

Alpaca Rug Yarn in Bumps
($95.00 )

100% alpaca rug yarn, in 2.5 pound, 125 yard bumps. Multiple colors and multi colored.

Greenthread Tea - Dried
($8.00 )

Greenthread, Navajo tea, dried, suitable for tea or dyeing. Plants brought from the Navajo Nation northeast of Flagstaff.

Suri Alpaca Roving - White
($6.00 )

White, Suri alpaca roving. Sometimes described as pencil roving. Can be shipped anywhere, USPS. From our own Suris.

Tanned Sheepskins
($200.00 )

Tanned sheepskins from our lambs, various breeds, staple and sizes.

Thank you for visiting AlAnn Ranch\'s store. Please feel free to text 928-925-0139 or email with questions about processing, or any other issue you may have. Alpacas leave a very small footprint on the land and most are cared for in a sustainable and organic manor. Alpacas are extremely efficient grazers and eat as little as 2-4lbs of grass forage per day. They have soft padded feet and do not tread the land like hooved livestock do. Alpacas truly are a versatile and green livestock.

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