Medicine Woman

(Waynesville, North Carolina)
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Magnolia Essential Oil
(From: $9.50 )

Sweet smelling magnolia flowers! A little bit goes a real long way! Native magnolias from NC!

Plantain Leaf FRESH HARVEST!!
(From: $4.85 )

Fresh harvest!! This is the whole, broad leaf plantain from my property.

All Natural Herbal Smoking Blend
(From: $9.50 )

An herbal smoke that is non toxic and uses all natural, safe herbs! A unique blend & flavor!

Bath Herbs for A Lousy Day
(From: $9.75 )

a nice way to end a not so nice day! My 100% herbs will relax and refresh you!

LOOSE IT! Weight Lose Herbal Tea
(From: $5.58 )

organically grown herbs with no pesticides, herbicides, etc.

Buy inexpensive herbs, get cheap quality herbs!

Lily of the Valley Oil
(From: $11.99 )

Relieves depression and creates a feeling of well-being and happiness!

Pineapple Sage Tea
($4.20 )

100% natural and pesticide free! Buy the Best! Freshly harvested and dried!

All Bugs Repellant
(From: $21.55 )

DON'T use dangerous insecticides that can make you sick and still not get rid of the bugs! This is my own special formula!

High Blood Pressure Tea
(From: $5.99 )

I also make a tea for low blood pressure! Check out Blood Pressure Regulating Tea

Bee Balm, Wild Bergamot leaves and flowers
(From: $4.25 )

NOT wild harvested! Very popular herb! Order now for freshness and quantity! SALE!!

Sleep Pillow
($6.99 )

All my herbs are hand picked and grown with absolutely no chemical pesticides, herbicides or insecticides used!

Bath Herbs for Detoxifying
(From: $9.75 )

Counteracts toxic properties and removes the effects of toxic poison, including radiation!

Keep checking daily for certain herbs that you are looking for, b/c right now I am harvesting many of them, so, the amounts available change every day. THIS IS THE TIME TO PURCHASE YOUR DRIED HERBS!!

ALL MY HERBS are grown as nature intended, without the use of pesticides or other interference.

I have high standards and high quality herbs. Remember, you get what you pay for!

My HERB TEA bags do not have staples or strings on them. They are heat sealed.

My organically grown, non-hybrid- non GMO HERBS are hand harvested and naturally dried to retain freshness, always stored under refrigeration.

My very pleasant combination of herbs tastes wonderful and get right to the problem in a safe way!

Most of my BATH HERBS have Epsom salts as a small part of the ingredients. If you do not want Epsom salt added, please send me an email here through LOCAL HARVEST. The LOCAL HARVEST folks are real people with real names and I have daily contact with them. So, if you send me an email, ( under VISIT OUR LISTING: CONTACT INFO ; click CONTACT US) I will get it along with the order.

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