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(Waynesville, North Carolina)
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Bath Herbs for Chemo and Radiation
(From: $7.25 )

these are healing herbs during your treatments that will help you from getting sick and help you feel better.

Bath Herbs for Insomnia
(From: $7.25 )

Dang! Can't sleep again! You have to get up in the morning and it would be nice if you could feel refreshed for a change!

Bath Herbs for Sinus and Cluster Headaches
(From: $7.25 )

this is a bath herb tea that will relieve either cluster or sinus headaches! MEDICINE WOMAN HAS A NEW STORE NAME! CAROLINA HERBS!

Bath Herbs for Sore Muscles and Aching Joints
(From: $7.25 )

relax in a bathtub with my herbs teas to relieve the daily strains on the muscles and joints!

Calendula Plantain Salve by Elaynn
(From: $14.00 )

main ingredients: Calendula and Plantain leaf. Think twice about buying salves and balms in plastic and tin containers.

Diabetes Herbal Tea
(From: $6.65 )

Herb tea for diabetes, blood sugar problems and pancreatic weakness. I NEVER use cleavers in my mixtures!

Dryer Bag for Men
($12.75 )

This one is for the menfolk! 100% organically grown herbs in 100% cotton muslin bags.

Elder Flowers
(From: $5.99 )

Organically grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides, etc.

Eucalyptus Leaves
(From: $5.50 )

Great in potpourri and inhalers! Grown on my farm! 100% natural and safe environment!

Excessive Monthly Herb Tea
(From: $5.70 )

Why drink all those bitter tasting herbs that also may have bad side effects as well? An herbal blend should make one feel better

Hawthorne Berries
(From: $6.50 )

Naturally grown in safe and clean environment and, good for your heart! BUY THE BEST!

Herbal Bath Rinse for The Doggy in Your Life
(From: $10.75 )

Let your pet smell the way THEY want to smell after their bath!!

MEDICINE WOMAN has a new store name! It is now CAROLINA HERBS!

ALL MY HERBS are grown as nature intended, without the use of pesticides or other interference.

I have high standards and high quality herbs.

My HERB TEA bags do not have staples or strings on them. They are heat sealed.

My organically grown, non-hybrid- non GMO HERBS are hand harvested and naturally dried to retain freshness, always stored under refrigeration.

My very pleasant combination of herbs tastes wonderful and get right to the problem in a safe way!

Most of my BATH HERBS have Epsom salts and sea salts as a part of the ingredients. If you do not want Epsom salt or sea salts added, please send me an email here through LOCAL HARVEST. The LOCAL HARVEST folks are real people with real names and I have daily contact with them. So, if you send me an email, ( under VISIT OUR LISTING: CONTACT INFO ; click CONTACT US) I will get it along with the order.

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