Prairie Road Organic Seed

(Fullerton, North Dakota)
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Onion Seed: Dakota Tears (100 seeds)
($3.00 )

Open-pollinated, yellow-skinned, firm fleshed storage onion with a robust onion flavor.

Sweet Dakota Rose Watermelon (25 seeds)
($3.00 )

Bred and selected for sweetness, with few seeds; adapts well to cooler seasons and shorter growing seasons.

Sweet Dakota Bliss Beet (150 seeds)
($3.00 )

(55 days) Sweet, deep burgundy beets with lush, green leaves; perfect dual-purpose choice. Outstanding keeper.

Blue Lake Pole Bean (50 seeds)
($3.00 )

The gold standard for green beans! Prolific, delicious, tender, 5-6 inch beans, it sets the excellence standard in bean flavor

Homesteader Pea (100 seeds)
($3.00 )

Proven heat & drought tolerance, producing vigorous vines & easy-to-pick, deep green 4-5 inch pods; 6-9 sweet, rich green peas.

Uncle Davids Dakota Dessert squash (25 seeds)
($3.00 )

Bred and selected for over 40 years for flavor, sweetness, color, thick flesh, vigor, yield and cold hardiness.

Dakota Sport Tomato (25 seeds)
($3.00 )

Ultra-glossy, blemish free, bright red tomato with superior flavor, and vigorous production makes it a real standout in the field.

Homemade Pickles Cucumber (25 seeds)
($3.00 )

(55 days) An extra-tasty, disease resistant, crisp and tender-sweet duo-purpose cucumber bred for pickling and slicing!

Onion Seed: Dakota Winter (100 seeds)
($3.00 )

An early season, ultra-winter hardy perennial green onion!

Dakota Bumble Bean (50 seeds)
($3.00 )

The bumblebee did it! Transferring pollen, perpetrating a cross with Jacobs Cattle bean, a bumblebee gifted us with this bean.

True Gold Sweet Corn Seed (75 seeds)
(From: $3.00 )

An open-pollinated, heirloom sweet corn with a rich, buttery color and flavor-- truly golden!

Amish Paste Tomato (25 seeds)
($3.00 )

Slow Food USA Ark of Taste; one of the largest paste tomatoes; deep-red oxheart-shape, meaty fruit; excellent fresh and for paste.

Certified organic, northern-grown, open-pollinated, vegetable seeds featuring many varieties bred on our farm. We are professional seed growers; all seed is selected for vigor and performance in organic production systems. Our seed is maintained for the very best agronomic and quality traits for your growing and eating pleasure.

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