Prairie Road Organic Seed

(Fullerton, North Dakota)
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Fargo Yellow Pear Tomato (25 seeds)
($3.00 )

A bountiful harvest of sweet, fruity, rich golden yellow pear tomatoes that actually taste like a tomato!

Pumpkin Seed: Howden-Dakota Strain (25 seeds)
($3.00 )

Our Dakota strain of the Howden pumpkin has been selected for early maturity, shortening the growing season by 15-20 days.

Hidatsa Shield Bean (50 seeds)
($3.00 )

Grown by the Hidatsa tribe near the Missouri River, it is native to North Dakota. Drought and heat tolerant; very productive.

Brandywine Tomato (25 seeds)
($3.00 )

A favorite of heirloom gardeners, it wins most flavor contests. Big, beautiful heirloom standard.

Popcorn Seed: Dakota Black Pop (50 seeds)
($3.00 )

An open-pollinated popping corn with black kernels that pop delicious white popcorn.

Silvery Fir Tree Tomato (25 seeds)
($3.00 )

COMPACT, EARLY, prolific 24 inch plants for space-challenged gardeners! Heavy crop of round 3-inch, deep red fruits.

Corn Seed: Wachichu Flint (50 seeds)
($3.00 )

An open-pollinated flint corn with a spectacular range of colors and patterns, it will inspire you to give thanks.

Crimson Sprinter Tomato (25 seeds)
($3.00 )

A delicious, medium slicer with brilliant red 5-7 oz fruits; performs in cool conditions, ripens evenly, and holds well.

Oregon Spring Tomato (25 seeds)
($3.00 )

(65 days; determinate) Early-season, bush tomato; sweet, full flavor. Compact plant, great for containers or space limited garden.

Wisconsin 55 Tomato (25 seeds)
($3.00 )

Intensely red, beautifully rounded 7-8 oz fruit with uniform size, strong skin, and rich, sweet tomato flavor with great acidity.

Caro Rich Tomato (25 seeds)
($3.00 )

Compact plants suited to container gardening! Deep golden-orange color; rich in beta-carotene, with 5 x more than most tomatoes

Cherokee Purple Tomato (25 seeds)
($3.00 )

Multi-colored beefsteak tomato with an intense flavor rivaling Brandywine; a popular favorite among tomato lovers.

Certified organic, northern-grown, open-pollinated, vegetable seeds featuring many varieties bred on our farm. We are professional seed growers; all seed is selected for vigor and performance in organic production systems. Our seed is maintained for the very best agronomic and quality traits for your growing and eating pleasure.

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