Persimmon Acres

(Horse Branch, Kentucky)
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Fresh Persimmon Pulp
($8.50 )

On Sale! Our prepared crop of Persimmons, ready to be incorporated into your recipes!

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Black Walnuts in Shell
(From: $9.25 )

The distinctive, American Black Walnuts, offered de-hulled, and in their shell.

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Pulled Cream Candy
(From: $10.00 )

Creamy, decadent, and unforgettable pulled cream candy.

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Pear Honey
(From: $7.95 )

This "honey", made from pears doesn't actually have any help from the bees, but it is deceptively unique!

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Fresh Duck Eggs
(From: $17.50 )

Free range, all natural duck eggs are richer than chicken eggs, they are perfect for baking!

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Pear Preserves
($6.00 )

All-natural bosc pear preserves. Perfect for biscuits, or toast, baking, and even pear pie!

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