Organic Heirloom Plants

(Hancock, Michigan)
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($5.95 )

RED RASPBERRY LEAF TEA: Botanical Name: Rubus idaeus -100% Chemical Free Bulk Dried Herb

Rue - Heirloom Herb Seed
($2.50 )

Rue-organic heirloom herb seed. Approximately 25 seeds per packet.

Shingles Aide Herbal Oil-#1 Seller
(From: $9.95 )

Our Shingles Aide Herbal Oil Quickly reduces Pain-Stops Itch and Halts the Herpes Virus in it's tracks! We Guaranteed Satisfaction

Sunflower - Ox-Eye-Heirloom Flower Seed
($2.00 )

Our Heirloom Sunflower ox-eye Seed is grown 100% Chemical FREE!

Tomato Black From Tula - Heirloom Seed
($2.00 )

Tomato Black From Tula - organic heirloom vegetable seed. BUY ANY (5) PKTS OF SEED AND GET ONE FREE PKT! (our choice, no coupon needed).

Tomato Green Zebra - Heirloom Seed
(From: $2.00 )

Tomato Green Zebra - organic Heirloom vegetable seed. BUY ANY (5) PKTS OF SEED AND GET ONE FREE PKT! (our choice, no coupon needed).

Tomato Persimmon Orange Seed-Heirloom Seed
($2.00 )

Our Heirloom Tomato persimmon Orange seed is grown 100% Chemical Free!

WEIGELA Tango-2 yr Live Plant
(From: $5.97 )

Our 2 yr hardy and Healthy Weigela Tango Ornamental Bushes are grown 100% Chemical Free!

Weigela Wine and Roses - Live Plant
(From: $6.50 )

Our Hardy 1 Yr Weigela Wine and Roses is grown 100% Chemical Free!

ALLERGY SUPPORT-Herbal Tincture-#1 Seller!
(From: $14.95 )

Our Allergy Support Herbal Tincture works immediately with our powerful effective ingredients! 100% Chemical FREE!

Astilbe Bridal Veil Plants-1 1/2 yr Hardy
(From: $6.50 )

Our 1 1/2 yr Hardy and well establishes Astilbe Bridal Veils are grown 100% Chemical Free!

Boneset Tea - Bulk Dried Herb
($8.50 )

Our Medicinal Boneset Herb is grown 100% Chemical Free!

Naturally grown heirloom herbs, heirloom organic seed, flowers and vegetable plants. Healing Herbal Salves for Arthritis/Rheumatism/Bursitis, Varicose Veins, Hemorrhoids, Psoriasis/Eczema and Cold sores, Infused Herbal Oils, Dried Medicinal and Culinary Herbs and inspirational-Spiritual gifts for the gardener. Select Hostas and Own Root Old Fashioned Roses!

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