Organic Heirloom Plants

(Hancock, Michigan)
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Onion Red Florence Seed-Heirloom Seed
(From: $2.50 )

Onion Red Florence Organic Heirloom Onion Seed-100% Chemical Free! WE ARE ON THE SAFE SEED LIST!

Onion-Yellow Of Parma Seed-Heirloom Seed
(From: $2.50 )

Onion Yellow of Parma Organic heirloom Seed. 100% Chemical Free! WE ARE ON THE SAFE SEED LIST!

Stinging Nettle Plants-Organic Heirloom Herb
(From: $4.50 )

Our GUARANTEED hardy Stinging Nettle Herb Plants are grown 100% Chemical Free! Michigan Grown.

ANGELICA SEED - Organic Heirloom Seed
(From: $2.00 )

Angelica heirloom herb seed. Organically grown straight from our farm! WE ARE ON THE SAFE SEED LIST!

Cherry Montmorency Seed-Heirloom Fruit Seed
($2.50 )

Our Cherry Montmorency Fruit Seed is grown 100% Chemical Free!

Lemon Balm-Heirloom Herb Seed
($2.00 )

Our Heirloom lemon Balm Herb Seed. BUY ANY (5) PKTS OF SEED AND GET ONE FREE PKT! (our choice, no coupon needed).

Lettuce SSE MIX Seed-Organic Heirloom Seed
(From: $2.00 )

Lettuce SSE Mix organic heirloom Seed. 100% Non-GMO and Chemical Free!WE ARE ON THE SAFE SEED LIST!

Red Currant - Live Plant-1 yr Stock
(From: $5.95 )

Our Hardy and Healthy Red Currant Rooted Cuttings Plants are grown 100% Chemical FREE! SHIPS MAY-SEPT ONLY!

SEA HOLLY Perennial Flower Seed-Heirloom
(From: $2.00 )

Sea Holly Seed-Eryngium planum. Organic Heirloom Perennial Flower Seed

(From: $12.95 )

Our INTIMATE NIGHTS Tincture is a Natural Aphrodisiac for Men & Woman with 100% Organic Herbal Ingredients.

Blackberry TRIPLE CROWN -1 yr Live Plants
(From: $6.50 )

Our GUARANTEED 1 yr Hardy and Healthy Blackberry Triple Crown Plants are grown 100% Chemical Free!

Boneset- Organic Heirloom Herb Seed
(From: $2.75 )

Boneset is one of the Heirloom Herbs perfect for cold and flu. NON-GMO and 100% Chemical Free! WE ARE ON THE SAFE SEED LIST!

The Only Wholesale/Retail Upper Michigan Licensed Nursery focusing on Organic Heirloom Seed, Plants, Dried Herb and Herbal Products. All profits from seed purchases are donated to our non-profit effort \'NEED FOR SEED PROGRAM\' to help fight hunger throughout the U.S.!

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