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(Tallahassee, Florida)
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Galangal Rhizomes are sometimes called Thai Ginger or Khaa. The flavor is distinctive.

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Turmeric Root - Fresh only
(From: $15.00 )

Our turmeric grows in healthy soil. Dug within a day or two shipping, it will be very fresh on arrival. We ship on Mondays.

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Yellow Ginger (Japanese/Hawaiian)
(From: $16.00 )

Yellow Ginger is somewhat rare and it is very gingery.

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Ginger - Fresh Only
(From: $15.00 )

Fat and juicy, freshly dug rhizomes, grown in healthy soil.

Baby Ginger
($15.00 )

Baby Ginger is less fibrous and thus more tender than mature rhizomes.

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Lycoris Radiata - Hurricane Lily
($16.00 )

Red Spider Lily. 5-7cm Freshly dug Bulbs. Spring planting = fall bloom. We dig and ship beginning in April.

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Turkey Hill Farm grows exceptionally fine vegetables and fruits in North Florida. We list here a few items that ship well and we like to share with a wider group of friends. That would be, you.

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