Byrd's Pecans

(Butler, Missouri)
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Missouri Native Pecan Halves - Nutmeats
(From: $18.00 )

Finest quality raw native pecan halves in Missouri. Grade AA gourmet health food in a re-closeable bag.

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Pecan Pieces
(From: $17.00 )

Flavorful Pecan Pieces and ready for your favorite recipes!

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Fancy Large Pecan Halves
(From: $17.00 )

Fancy Large Grafted Pecan Halves are great for topping off or eat right out of the bag!

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Missouri Walnut Nutmeats
(From: $18.00 )

Farm Fresh Missouri Walnut Nutmeats, Large Pieces are ready to use in your favorite recipe.

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NEW 2016 CROP IS HERE!! Byrd's Pecans is Honest to Goodness Real Missouri Pecans & Gifts. Offering high quality pecans, nuts, candy, honey, baskets, gifts and more. Our Family started with 10 acres in 1958 and now have grown to over 600 acres with over 12,000 Missouri Native Trees and more than 4,700 Improved Varieties that took over 35 years to perfect. Known as the World's Best Pecans, we have people from all over the world coming back for more every year.

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