Wise Mountain Botanicals

(Mount Shasta, California)
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Motherwort Tincture
($12.95 )

Motherwort Tincture is a gentle women's remedy, heart tonic and calms anxiety.

Love Your Lymph Tincture
($12.95 )

Tonify, strengthen and improve integrity of the lymphatic system

Turmeric Tincture
($12.95 )

An anti-inflammatory and liver tonic that promotes healthy digestive function

Dandelion Root Tincture
($12.95 )

Fresh wild Dandelion root tincture detoxifies and improves digestive and liver function.

Allergy Aid Tincture
($12.95 )

Relieve symptoms of seasonal allergies with this blend of wildcrafted herbs.

Red Root Tincture
($12.95 )

Strengthen the lymph and enhance liver's metabolism of fat with Fresh wildharvested red root tincture.

Skullcap Tincture
($12.95 )

Relieve stress and tension with organically grown Skullcap Tincture.

Yarrow Tincture
($12.95 )

Fresh wildcrafted Yarrow Tincture for colds, fever, cramps and more.

Adrenal Vitality Tonic
($12.95 )

Nourish the adrenals, improve energy levels and the body's resistance to stress

California Spikenard Root Tincture
($12.95 )

Strengthen respiratory and immune function and nourish the adrenals with Fresh wildharvested California Spikenard Root Tincture

Mullein Leaf Tincture
($12.95 )

Soothe coughing and the lower respiratory tract with fresh wildcrafted Mullein Leaf Tincture.

Serene Sleep
($12.95 )

Improve quality of sleep with this blend of relaxing herbs.

Handcrafted herbal remedies, locally sourced fresh from the Mount Shasta bio-region. We create energetically potent, high quality herbal remedies that can be used for a variety of common ailments and to enhance the body\'s natural healing abilities. Wise Mountain Botanicals is a woman owned and operated business, specializing in herbal extracts and healing skin care products.

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