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Cabbage,Chinese Bok Choy seeds non-GMO
($4.95 )

Chinese Cabbage, Bok Choy (White Stem) (Non-Hybrid/Non-GMO) Seeds and this year we have only 30 packages to sell, so buy today

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Stevia Leaf Dried
(From: $7.95 )

Home Farm Herbery Stevia Dried Leaf comes with a FREE Stevia Conversion Chart and some free recipes.

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Watermelon seeds Mexican Miniature
($4.99 )

Mexican Miniature Watermelon Heirloom Seeds Newly discovered rare heirloom seed. Buy now as quantity is very limited.

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Hyssop Dried Leaves
($5.98 )

Hyssop Dried Leaves chemical free It puts a finishing touch in stocks and soups, along with some lemon juice. Buy today

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Bee Balm Heirloom Seeds
($9.79 )

Bee Balm Lemon Heirloom Seeds Bee Balm is one of the best at attracting beneficial butterflies, hummingbirds,and bees. Buy Today

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Beet, Detroit Dark Red Heirloom seeds
(From: $3.99 )

Beet, Detroit Dark Red Heirloom chemical free seeds a good producer for canning, fresh eating and keeping. Buy today!

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Chervil - Dried
(From: $6.98 )

Home Farm Herbery dried Chervil is a delicate culinary herb used frequently in French cuisine.

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Onion Evergreen Bunching Seeds
($5.98 )

At Home Farm Herbery these are grown exclusively as green bunching onions. Buy today as we only have 12 pkgs.

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Pumpkin Powder
(From: $7.95 )

Our Home Farm Herbery Pumpkin Powder is simply chemical free pumpkin ground to give you great taste and aroma.

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Wheat, Hard Red Spring Seeds
($7.95 )

Wheat, Hard Red Spring 100% Organic/Non-Hybrid/Non-GMO Why not try growing a small patch this year? Limited Quantity

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Wild Chicory Heirloom Seeds
(From: $7.99 )

Wild Chicory Heirloom seeds grow as a bushy perennial herb with blue, purple, or occasionally white flowers. Buy today!

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Dill, Bouquet Seeds Herbs (Non-Hybrid/Non-GMO)
($5.99 )

Dill, Bouquet Seeds Herbs (Non-Hybrid/Non-GMO) for sale only 20 packages to sell, so buy yours today!

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Home Farm Herbery LLC offers unique blends of organically grown herbs and spices plus Gourmet Artisan baked goods, herbal teas, dip mixes, bread dipping oil mixes and gift items such as greeting and note cards.

Nothing enhances fine cooking like the addition of good herbs and spices.

Nothing turns ordinary cooking into fine cooking like the addition of good herbs and spices.

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