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Broccoli Calabrese Heirloom Seeds
($5.95 )

Broccoli Calabrese Heirloom chemical free seeds. Buy today as we only have 9 packets of seed gathered & packed for 2014. Buy now.

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Broccoli, Atlantic Seeds (Heirloom/Non-Hybrid)
($4.50 )

Broccoli, Atlantic Seeds (Heirloom/Non-Hybrid/Non-GMO) and we only have 6 pkgs available so buy now.

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Broccoli, Waltham 29 Seeds (Non-Hybrid/Non-GMO)
($4.99 )

Broccoli, Waltham 29 Seeds (Non-Hybrid/Non-GMO) and we only have 13 pkgs available so buy now.

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Buffalo Wing Rub
(From: $6.99 )

Our Buffalo style dry rub has a nice balance of sweet from the brown sugar to a subtle nuanced heat from the chili powder and more

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Cardoon Heirloom Herb seeds
($5.99 )

Cardoon Heirloom Herb seeds Buy today as we only have 20 packages available this season and we will provide free shipping.

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Carrot, Paris Market Heirloom Seeds
($7.95 )

Carrot, Paris Market Heirloom chemical free seeds for sale and we only have 19 pkts for sale so make sure you buy yours today!

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Cats Claw Medicinal chemical free Bark
(From: $6.95 )

Cats Claw Medicinal chemical free Bark Home Farm Herbery Cats Claw is great for immune health.

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Cayenne Pepper
(From: $4.99 )

Cayenne Pepper At Home Farm Herbery we had a bumper crop of Cayenne Peppers so we made our own chemical freeCayenne Pepper

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Celery Seeds
(From: $11.95 )

Home Farm Herbery Chemical Free Celery Seeds have an authentic flavor, aroma and taste of Celery

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Country Sausage Seasoning
(From: $6.99 )

Home Farm Herbery Country Sausage Seasoning and our free recipe will make 5 pounds of sausage when added to your meat. Buy today.

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Creole Essence
(From: $5.95 )

Creole Essence is also referred to as New Orleans Seasoning or Louisiana seasoning and it has a full spicy flavor and aroma.

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Crushed Red Pepper Flakes
(From: $4.95 )

Our Home Farm Herbery Gourmet Crushed Red Pepper Flakes are loaded with taste and aroma and are HOT! Buy some today!

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Home Farm Herbery LLC offers unique blends of organically grown herbs and spices plus Gourmet Artisan baked goods, herbal teas, dip mixes, bread dipping oil mixes and gift items such as greeting and note cards.

Nothing enhances fine cooking like the addition of good herbs and spices.

Nothing turns ordinary cooking into fine cooking like the addition of good herbs and spices.

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