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Crimson Berry Rooibos Herbal Tea
(From: $5.95 )

Rosehips and hibiscus, elderberries and more add their unique flavors to our Crimson Berry Rooibos Herbal Tea. Buy today!

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Culinary Heirloom Herb Seeds Collection
($29.99 )

Culinary Heirloom Herb Seeds Collection of 10 of our best selling herbs. Save over 70% by ordering this collection now.

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Culinary Herb Gift Bag - Herb Blends
($59.99 )

Home Farm Herbery Seasoning Gift Bag contains a variety of our 17 of Home Farm Herbery herb blends.

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Cumin Heirloom Herb Seeds
($6.99 )

Our Cumin Heirloom Herb Seeds are dried, packed and ready for your next planting.

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Deep South Dry Rub
(From: $9.99 )

Arlene's Deep South Dry Rub has a sweet taste to it in addition to the subtle heat in every bite. Order now. A great gift item.

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Dill Dip Mix
(From: $4.50 )

Dill Dip Mix is one of our best sellers for veggies, chips or pretzels. Chemical Free, and tasty. Buy now

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Dill Seeds
(From: $6.95 )

Our Home Farm Herbery chemical free, Dill Seeds have a sweet, slightly bitter and fresh taste and aroma. Buy some today!

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Dill Weed
(From: $2.98 )

Naturally Grown Dill Weed from Home Farm Herbery is grown in our own hot, sunny part of Kentucky. Buy some today!

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Eggplant Long Ping Tung Seeds
($6.95 )

Eggplant Long Ping Tung (100% Heirloom/Non-Hybrid/Non-GMO) Early producer, not bitter, no peeling, easy to grow, buy yours today!

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Eight Herb Tea Blend
(From: $6.95 )

Eight Herb Tea Blend. Try this today and be delighted with the flavor and aroma. Buy this healthy tea today!

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Endive Seeds (Non-Hybrid/Non-GMO)
($4.99 )

Endive Full Heart Batavian Seeds (Non-Hybrid/Non-GMO) and this year we have only 4 packages to sell,

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English Bangers Seasoning
(From: $6.95 )

English Bangers Seasoning 1.60 oz package includes an excellent recipe for a delicious traditional English treat. Buy today

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Home Farm Herbery LLC strives to offer unique blends of organically grown herbs and spices plus Gourmet Artisan baked goods, herbal teas, dip mixes, bread dipping oil mixes and gift items such as greeting and note cards.

Nothing enhances fine cooking like the addition of good herbs and spices.

Nothing turns ordinary cooking into fine cooking like the addition of good herbs and spices.

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