Red Gate Garlic LLC

(Stevensville, Montana)
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Polish Jenn Garlic - Porcelain Hardneck
($18.00 )

Polish Jenn is a porcelain (hardneck) variety of garlic

Chesnok Red Garlic - Purple Stripe Hardneck
($15.00 )

Chesnok Red is a purple stripe (hardneck) variety of garlic.

Italian Purple Garlic - Artichoke Softneck
($18.00 )

Italian Purple is an artichoke (softneck) variety of garlic

Music Garlic - Porcelain Hardneck
($18.00 )

Music is a porcelain (hardneck) variety of garlic.

German Red Garlic - Rocambole Hardneck
($18.00 )

German Red is a rocambole (hardneck) variety of garlic

Sampler - Hardneck Seed Garlic
($18.00 )

Hardneck Garlic Sampler (Music, Polish Jenn, German Red and Chesnok Red)

Sampler - Softneck Seed Garlic
($18.00 )

Softneck Garlic Sampler (Inchelium and Italian Purple)

Scapes - Fresh Garlic Scapes
($20.00 )

Fresh garlic scapes - great for stir-fries, grilling, pesto, pickling, etc.

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Inchelium Red Garlic - Artichoke Softneck
($18.00 )

Inchelium Red is an artichoke (softneck) variety of garlic

Welcome to Red Gate Garlic!

We currently grow 6 varieties of garlic in the beautiful Bitterroot Valley of Western Montana.

Our garlic is lovingly planted, nurtured and harvested entirely by hand.

We are Certified Naturally Grown and use organic and sustainable growing methods, striving to conserve and improve our land, as well as provide a healthy environment for our family and our garlic.

Our clean air, land and water (located within 3 miles of the Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness Area) are all important ingredients in producing the best garlic possible.

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