Bobcat Properties Farm

(Corona, California)
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Raw Black Sage Honey
(From: $9.50 )

Raw and naturally sweet... from our hillside hives to you!

Lip Balm by Lonnie in tube
($3.00 )

A natural soothing lip balm with beeswax in a .17 oz tube.

Honey Gift Basket
(From: $12.00 )

Filled with sweet and useful honey products, these gift bags make it easy to celebrate any occasion.

Raw Citrus Honey
(From: $9.00 )

Delicious, golden citrus honey from California, raw and unpastuerized.

Lip Balm by Lonnie in tub
(From: $3.00 )

A natural, soothing lip balm with beeswax in .40 oz tub.

Hass Avocado
(From: $2.00 )

Tree ripened California avocados just taste better! Keep plenty around for parties and everyday occassions.

Raw California Buckwheat Honey
(From: $9.00 )

Raw and unpastuerized sweetness from our hillside hives to you!

When 3 siblings and their families decided to purchase a ranch in the foothills of Corona, California., none of them could have known the outcome! Established in 2003, Bobcat Properties Farm is on the site of a homestead that dates back to the 1880's. Past occupants of the canyon have taken advantage of the sites natural, sweet spring water to grow potatoes and even delivered water to the growing city of Corona.\\\\r\\\\n Our parents encouraged an appreciation of hand crafted things through jelly making, olive curing and gardening. We were exposed to some of the avocado industries biggest names through our uncle Al, who had budded and grafted thousands of citrus and avocado trees in the Southern California area. And while we are new to the honey business, the black sage and buckwheat covered hills are perfect for our friendly bees. Treat yourself to real local flavor!

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