White Buffalo Herbs

(Warwick, Massachusetts)
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TRANQUIL-ez Aromamist
($7.00 )

Mist your skin w/this sweet Aromatherapy spray. Traditonally to relieve ANXIETY, stress, ADHD, even panic attacks-FAST!

($22.00 )

Delightful GIFT for VALENTINES Day! Contains handmade organic herbals & aromatherapy that will bring pleasure to you both!

Woodland Spirit Aromamist, 1 oz
($7.00 )

BALSAM mist redolent of the HOLIDAYS & deep woodlands

Original, organic herbals & aromatherapy products. All hand made by Community Herbalist Carol Joyce on our Still Willin' Organic Farm & Botanical Sanctuary-most from the herbs we grow (we may buy extra ingredients from local farms as needed)

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