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(Fallbrook, California)
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Hass Avocados
(From: $29.00 )

Hass avocados feature a smooth, rich, creamy and nutty taste, making it the most popular avocado in California.

Mix Seasonal Fruit Box
(From: $19.99 )

Mix seasonal fruit box. It includes seasonal fruits from our farm.

Eureka Lemons (Best Value)
(From: $19.99 )

Eureka Lemon is a juicy, sweet and sour lemon. Great for lemonade, drinks, marinating, or the thick zest can be used for cooking.

Bearss Lime/ Persian Lime
(From: $19.99 )

Bearss Lime or many call them Persian Limes the are sour, strong fragrant, and very juicy.

White Sapote
(From: $39.99 )

White Sapote is best enjoy soft and eaten like an apple.

Cherimoya / Anonna
($44.99 )

A mouth wateringly delicious, sweet, creamy subtropical fruit. Mark Twain ones called it "deliciousness itself".

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Fuyu Persimmon
(From: $34.99 )

Called "the fruit of the gods." Once peeled you will find a deliciuos sweet, crunchy and tasty fruit.

Meyer Lemons
(From: $29.99 )

Meyer Lemons are amazing! They have a sweet acidic flavor, full of juice with a thin and dark yellow skin.

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Organic Tropical Dragon Fruit
($59.99 )

Tropical Dragon Fruit refreshing sweet flavor and amazing magenta color. Has a flamboyant appearance and it is highly nutritional

Fuerte Avocado
(From: $34.99 )

Creamy nutty taste with green smooth skin. Delicious to eat as snacks or small meal.

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Our produce, grown in the heart of Fallbrook, California, "The Avocado Capital of the World" reflects our commitment to growing the finest and tastiest Avocados for our customers enjoyment.

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