Willow Bark Farm

(Grand Tower, Illinois)
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Heirloom Black Krim Tomato Seed
($2.99 )

This tomato variety actually hails from the Isle of Krim in the Black Sea off the coast of the Crimean peninsula in Ukraine.

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Heirloom Black Turtle Bean Seed
($3.19 )

A earthy flavored bean. Used in many Caribbean and Latin American cuisine,

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Heirloom Cherokee Purple Tomato Seed
($2.99 )

A beautiful open pollinated producer of medium-sized, purplish-brown tomato fruits that was originally passed down from the Cherok

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Heirloom Green Zebra Tomato Seed
($2.99 )

Tart, tangy and has a great tomato flavor. Makes a great green salsa.

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Heirloom Mortgage Lifter Tomato Seed
($2.99 )

Introduced in the 1930's. This tomato is worth growing for its legend alone.

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Jade Bush Bean
($3.19 )

Round-podded bush bean features distinctive green color, firm pod flesh.

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Marglobe Tomato Seed (Wilt Resistant )
($1.99 )

This variety is one of the most vigorous and disease resistant of the standard varieties.

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Willow Bark Farm is a small farm. We are a family owned and operated small farm business in rural Southern Illinois. Nestled near scenic Shawnee National Forest and the Mississippi River.

We are excited and looking forward to a healthy and bountiful season here on the farm.

Spring is right around corner. We all think about warmer days and getting outdoors to plant our early spring gardens. To hear the song birds and feel the warm breeze upon our skin. Something to look forward to after the cold winter days!

The rising gas prices and the economic crunch, this is affecting us all.

Planting a garden will not only save you money with rising food costs, it gives you choices to healthy home grown produce straight from the garden. Besides the vegetables and fruits taste so much better as they are freshly harvested.

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