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(Garberville, California)
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Clean Lung Formula, particulate matter
($11.98 )

Assists in cleansing and healing of lung tissue from particulate matter exposure including smoke from forest fires, wood stoves

Adrenal Tonic, 1 oz. burnout, fatigue
($11.98 )

Adrenal exhaustion, adrenal fatigue and adrenal burnout can all be mitigated with loving support of your adrenal glands.

Brain & Memory Boosting Tonic, 1 oz.
($11.98 )

Brian and Memory Booster to stimulate blood flow, reduce inflammation and increase clarity & focus. Good for a wide range of folks

Chaparral Salve (Larrea tridentata), 2oz. jar
($13.98 )

Chaparral Salve (Larrea tridentata) - antioxidant, bites, wounds, fungus. 2 oz. glass jar with screw top. Sonoran Desert Magic.

Cramp Remedy, H.V.C, 1 oz.
($11.98 )

We call it the queen of the cramp remedies, a version of Hayden's Viburnum Compound. For menstrual cramps and other spasms.

Body Vacation, A skeletal muscle relaxer
($11.98 )

A relaxing formula designed to soothe the aches and pains of daily life and occasional over use of our body.

Pain Formula, salicylate-free anodyne, 1oz.
($11.98 )

Pain Relief Formula, herbal salicylate free, anodyne formula - 1 oz.

Smoke and Smudge Mix
($10.29 )

Wild crafted flowers & herbs for smoke or smudge. Can be mixed with other smokables or alone. Cleanse the lungs & calm the body.

Tummy Tea, Digestive Aid, Leaky Gut
($7.99 )

Delicious wound healing tea and adjunct therapy for ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease, leaky gut, food allergies, GAPS diet, etc.

Allergy Formula, Symptomatic Allergy Relief
($11.98 )

For the symptomatic relief of seasonal allergies including sinus irritation, running nose, itchy eyes, puffiness and swelling.

Aralia Elixir, Spikenard, local ginseng
($15.98 )

Aralia Elixir -2oz bottle - Strengthens Lungs, Soothes Coughs, Adaptogenic, Spikenard Root

Kombu Seaweed, Pacific Wild Crafted Kelp, 1oz
($7.00 )

Kombu Seaweed, Northern California, Wildcrafted Pacific Kelp, 1 oz. dried

Certified Clinical Herbalist and Wildcrafter. I grow, harvest and make all my own products including medicinal remedies & culinary creations. I offer personalized herbal consultations focusing on diet and lifestyle. I\'m a homesteader and small business owner. If I can\'t grow or harvest the raw materials myself I source the highest quality, certified organic ingredients. All our products are loving made with respect for the earth and processed in a gluten free kitchen. Thank you!

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