Black Diamond Grass Fed Meats

(Radford, Virginia)
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Pastured, Free-Range Sausage (Mild or Hot)
($17.95 )

You can smell the sausage in the skillet, your mouth watering as you make your way to the kitchen; a breakfast feast awaits!

Sliced Beef Liver Grass-fed, Beyond Organic
(From: $13.95 )

Long prized for its delicate flavor and texture, and unbeatable for nutrients.

Pork Belly Free Range, Beyond Organic
($49.95 )

Part of many traditional European dishes such as Alsatian Choucroute garnie, Swiss Berner Platte (de), and Schlachtplattel.

Bacon Free Range, Beyond Organic, Pastured
($17.95 )

Sizzling on the griddle, some eggs on the side, ranch potatoes and pancakes - the house smells amazing! Or perhaps a BLT today?

Pork Leaf Lard Free Range, Beyond Organic
($31.49 )

This is the highest grade of lard available, rendered from choice areas of the flare visceral fat deposits.

Bratwurst Link Sausage Beyond Organic
($27.95 )

Bratwursts are a uniquely tasty and juicy sausage. Wonderful grilled and served with bread and a bit of mustard on the side.

Fresh (Uncured) Picnic Ham Free Range
($35.95 )

A classic meat, perfect for roasting as a fabulous dinner and slicing juicy leftovers for delectable sandwiches later on.

Marrow Bone/Dog Bones Grass-fed
($29.95 )

Don't forget your pet! Or, fantastic for making soup stock.

Skirt Steak Grass-fed, Beyond Organic
($29.99 )

This flavorful cut is rarely found in a supermarket because there are only two of them on each beef cow.

Oxtails Grass-fed, Free Range, Beyond Organic
($19.95 )

The muscular Oxtail has long been used in soups and stews, particluarly in Caribbean, African, and Asian cuisine.

Pork Chops Free Range Beyond Organic
($25.95 )

When you serve a delectable, pasture-perfect pork chop, your ears will hear the oohs and ahs from admiring dinner chair occupants.

Beef Suet Beyond Organic, Free Range
($19.49 )

For the finest in natural animal fats for pastry production and deep frying, look no further. The resulting texture is unmatched.

Black Diamond Meats delivers sustainably-raised grass-fed beef to your door. Our cattle are a heritage breed - Red Devons.

The meat is free of: Pink Slime Hormones Antibiotics Steroids Chemicals\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\nRaised on small, family-run farms in the mountains of Virginia and Idaho, our grass-fed beef puts grocery store beef to shame!\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\nWe offer CSA memberships in addition to purchases of individual cuts and packages!

Check out our quarter, half, and whole beef and pork subscriptions. You get your purchase shipped out to you on a monthly basis so you don\'t have to purchase a freezer. Your purchase is spread out over a year, so you don\'t have to invest all at once. An ideal arrangement for those who would prefer to shop just once instead of weekly or monthly.

Our cattle are raised in a 2,000\' high valley in the pristine Appalachian Mountains of Virginia - far away from contaminated rivers or dirty air from large cities. We practice rotation grazing and beyond organic methods.

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