Black Diamond Grass Fed Meats

(Radford, Virginia)
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Beef and Pork Sampler Free Range, Grass-fed
($119.95 )

A delectable assortment of tender and flavorful, pasture-fed meats that far surpass gov. standards of 'organic'. - Truly natural!

Beef Kidney Grass-fed, Free Range
($14.95 )

An extremely nutritious food source, but also very tasty when you learn how to prepare it. Grandma added giblets to many recipes.

Boneless Chuck Roast Grass-fed, Free Range
($28.95 )

This is the smell that will keep the family coming home for dinner. Roast Beef with your own special seasonings!

Chicken Thighs - Pastured and Free Range
($21.95 )

Approx. 1.75-2.25 lbs Pasture raised, free range chicken thighs from our sustainable, beyond organic farm in NC.

Cook's Value Pack, Beef Grass-fed, Free Range
($104.94 )

Can't make up your mind whether to try our pork or our beef? This also makes a great introductory gift for someone you love.

Cube Steak Grass-fed, Beyond Organic
($44.95 )

Eye of Cube Steak, also known as Minute Steak, is a cut of beef from the top round or sirloin.

Family Value Beef Sampler Grass-fed
($109.95 )

Once you taste grass-fed quality, you'll never go back! Try an assortment of our sustainably raised beef at bulk discount prices.

Flat Iron Steak Grass-fed, Beyond Organic
($54.95 )

Flat iron steak is a relatively new and popular cut from the chuck (shoulder) region.

Ground Pork Free Range Beyond Organic
(From: $17.95 )

Creative culinary skills await you as you make main dishes, sausages, and breakfasts from naturally-raised ground pork.

Hanger Steak Grass-fed, Beyond Organic
($49.99 )

This cut is known as a Flat Steak and comes from the underside of the beef cow.

NY Strip Grass-fed, Beyond Organic Free Range
($32.95 )

The New York Strip Steak, also known as Kansas City Strip, Manhattan Strip, or Shell Steak.

One Half Beef Grass-fed, Beyond Organic
($2,349.00 )

Enjoy more savory, free range, grass-fed beef at a discounted price by purchasing in bulk.

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Black Diamond Meats delivers sustainably-raised grass-fed beef to your door. Our cattle are a heritage breed - Red Devons.

The meat is free of: Pink slime additives, hormones, antibiotics, steroids, chemicals additives of any kind. All of our meat is raised on no-spray pasture.

Raised by family-run farms in the mountains of Virginia and Idaho, our grass-fed beef puts grocery store beef to shame! We offer CSA memberships in addition to purchases of individual cuts and packages!

Check out our quarter, half, and whole beef and pork subscriptions.

Our cattle are raised in a 2,000\' high valley in the pristine Appalachian Mountains of Virginia - far away from contaminated rivers or dirty air from large cities. We practice rotation grazing and beyond organic methods.

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