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(Moyie Springs, Idaho)
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Romanian Red Hardneck Garlic
(From: $8.50 )

An absolutely stunning garlic with massive cloves. Most allicin of any garlic variety!

Metechi Garlic
(From: $7.50 )

Great Bulbs of fire! The hottest and largest porcelain you will find, with amazing flavor.

Persian Star Garlic
(From: $8.00 )

A true medium hardneck garlic that is sweet when roasted. The garlic gourmet needs to try this one and save some for planting

Georgian Fire Garlic
(From: $9.50 )

A fiery porcelain with big, easy to peel cloves. This is an easy to grow variety that will thrive in most places.

Wild Huckleberries
(From: $11.00 )

The huckleberry is the northwests most nutritious food. Full of noble metals and antioxidants. The healthiest berry you can eat.

Russian Tzan Hardneck Garlic
(From: $8.00 )

This robust, deep purple-hued, very early turban will impress the best. Bold flavored with 6-10 easy to peel fat cloves.

German Giant Garlic
(From: $7.50 )

German giant is a huge Rocambole with massive cloves and a ridiculous root system. You will love it!

Garlic Braids 10, 15, or 25 bulbs
(From: $25.00 )

The first fresh garlic in the U.S. every year! 10, 15, or 25 bulbs of this great storing sofneck garlic beautifully braided.

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Ajo Morado
(From: $13.00 )

First fresh garlic in the US every year! This awesome softneck will blow your tastebuds away! Fiery raw, and great any other way!

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Hardneck Sampler Pack 1lb.
($24.00 )

Three excellent varieties to plant for all your needs. Pre order now for early September shipping!

Garlic scapes (3-4 lbs)
($20.00 )

The seed forming shoot of Hardneck garlic. Excellent garlic taste without the peeling.

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Garlic Tree
($22.00 )

A beautiful cluster of our smaller bulbs. Smaller bulbs house more flavor. A truly gorgeous edile decoration.

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Six varieties of hardy hardneck garlic grown at 48 degrees North latitude, and garlic scapes. FIRST fresh garlic of the year avaliable in late April! Braided and beautiful it can last up to a year!

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