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Icelandic Moorit Brown Handspun
($19.44 )

New moorit roving run! Beautiful handspun! Each yank averages 3.888 oz. and 140 yards

New! Purebred Icelandic White Bulk Roving
($3.10 )

Cherry Creek Farm's Icelandic White Roving is very soft and dyes wonderfully, if this is your pleasure!

Purebred Icelandic Sheep Millspun Yarn
($14.88 )

Beautiful natural tones and colors, versatility and ease of spinning and knitting, place Icelandic Fiber in the Premium or Exotic category.

Purebred Icelandic White 2 Ply Handspun
($16.63 )

Very soft. Very white. Dyes beautifully if this is your pleasure.

Purebred Icelandic Gray/white handspun
($18.00 )

Unique thick-thin novelty 2 ply gray blended with white! Average 60 yards and 4 ounces each.

Purebred Icelandic White Novelty Handspun
($18.00 )

Rich white thick and thin! You will love working with this premium handspun! Average 60 yards - 4 oz. each

Cherry Creek Farm is pleased to offer our Purebred Icelandic Sheep products - roving, handspun and millspun yarns, fleeces, and pelts. Our pelts are tanned by Bucks County Fur Products, Quakertown, PA. The fine Colorado craftswomen of Mt. High Fiber Ladies in Pagosa Springs and Lonesome Stone Mill in Granby process our fiber \\\"green\\\" and our handspun is crafted by our long-time farm volunteer, who fell in love with our sheep and couldn\\\'t wait to learn how to spin.

Our sheep were raised absolutely naturally - no hormones or unnecessary antibiotics - rather they\\\'re fed, in addition to Colorado Mountain grass hay, our Certified Organic vegetable trimmings throughout the growing season. We are happy to state that we are Colorado\\\'s first Icelandic Sheep breeder to be USDA APHIS OPP and Scrapie-Free Flock Certified.

The results of stress free living, clean mountain air, spring water, and excellent nutrition are visible in their pelts, wool, horns, conformation, and the taste of the meat.

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