(El Sobrante, California)
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Seasonal selection of organic certified fresh fruits, herbs, grains, and vegetables. Pick up your fresh produce right at the farm

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Tree Collard Stem Cuttings - Organic
($22.99 )

Perennial organic tree collards. Stem cuttings will grow into 6 ft. tall plants that produce delicious greens year-round.

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Lavender Seeds - Organic
(From: $4.49 )

English culinary lavender. This is the 'true' lavender used to make lavender oil and to decorate & flavor your special recipes.

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Hickory King Dent Corn - Organic
(From: $4.49 )

Heirloom open pollinated white dent corn for multiple uses. Has large kernels that are perfect for hominy or grinding into grits.

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Hard Red Spring Wheat Seeds - Organic
(From: $5.29 )

Grow your own wheat to make many delicious recipes. This variety is great for bread baking. High in protein and grows quickly.

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Sparky Marigold - Organic
(From: $4.49 )

Bright orange flowered marigold. Beautiful as a border plant. Has edible flowers and is attractive to beneficial insects.

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Garbanzo Seeds - Organic
(From: $4.49 )

Cool season heirloom legume that produces edible leaves, fresh green chickpeas, and dry garbanzo beans. Also fixes nitrogen.

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Mammoth Sunflower Seeds - Organic
(From: $4.49 )

Heirloom, open-pollinated, sunflower. Great for seed production and beautiful large yellow flowers.

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Sunchokes (Jerusalem Artichoke) - Organic
(From: $12.99 )

Fresh dug and washed tubers. Delicious in stews, fresh in salads, cooked like potatoes, or naturally fermented in a pickle.

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Calendula Seed - Resina - Organic
(From: $4.49 )

Bright yellow flowers that bloom over a long period. Beautiful, and edible too!

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Chocolate Mint Rooted Cuttings - Organic
(From: $6.99 )

Easy to grow purple tinged mint. Delicious leaves taste just like chocolate mint candy. Useful to flavor dishes and brew tea.

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Fresh California Bay Laurel - Conventional
(From: $9.99 )

Highly aromatic fresh bay leaves picked right off the tree and mailed to you while still fresh and green.

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Cloverfield is the first certified organic farm in El Sobrante, CA. We strive to produce healthy and delicious food for your table as well as certified organic seeds and plants for your own garden.

We use sustainable practices and are working towards improving the land by importing minimal inputs and doing most of the work by hand.

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