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Blue Jade Corn
(From: $2.75 )

Miniature plants (3 ft) bears 3-6 ears. 70-80 days

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Cherokee Trail of Tears Pole Bean
($3.00 )

Green 6" pod with purple overlay, shiny jet black seeds. Good for snap beans and dry beans. Pole habit, snap or dry, 85 days.

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Chersonskaya Squash
($5.50 )

In the 2010 taste test SSE staff rated it as the sweetest squash they ever tasted. The seeds are no longer offered by SSE.

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Waltham Butternut Squash
($3.00 )

Plant produces good yields of 9" long tan squash. The squash has bright orange flesh and is very sweet.

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Cream of Saskatchewan Watermelon
(From: $3.00 )

Plant produces good yields of 10lb white watermelons.

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Hi folks, here you can get the years harvest of assorted seeds that I have grown in my garden organically. I love gardening and saving seeds. So I have plenty to share for anyone interested. Quantity is medium to low on most varieties that I grow.

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