Salamander Springs Farm: Susana's Perma-organics

(Berea, Kentucky)
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Wholegrain Kentucky Heirloom Cornmeal
(From: $5.50 )

Whole grain cornmeal ground from colorful KY heirloom corn grown at Salamander Springs Farm without ANY pesticides or fertilizers.

Tender-kernel Yellow Popcorn
(From: $5.00 )

Tender-kernel popcorn grown permaculturally without pesticides, fertilizers or tillage; from Salamander Springs Farm, Berea, KY

Pinto Beans
(From: $5.00 )

Hand-harvested and shelled Pinto Beans grown at Salamander Springs Farm, Berea, KY without fertilizers, pesticides or tillage.

Black Turtle Beans
(From: $5.00 )

Hand-harvested & shelled Black Turtle Beans grown without tillage, pesticides or fertilizers at Salamander Springs Farm.

\\\"Susana\\\'s Perma-organics\\\" online products are a small sampling of the abundance of Salamander Springs Farm, near Berea, KY. The farm is designed and managed using permaculture principles and practices--without soil tillage, using local inputs and recycling resources on the farm. Without fertilizers or pesticides of ANY kind, we produce a diverse range of vegetable crops, grains, dry beans, herbs, fruits, nuts, flowers and value-added products for market. Nutrient-dense, safe & healthy food requires a healthy, living soil. Invariably the first thing our customers notice is the incredible taste (and nutrient value) of food grown in our living soil as compared to supermarket \\\"organic\\\" foods. At this time, our online offering includes some of our staple food crops--colorful heirloom whole-grain organic cornmeal, popcorn, pinto beans & black turtle beans. Taste the difference a healthy, living soil makes!

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