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(Catoosa, Oklahoma)
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Aji Amarillo Pepper Plant
($4.99 )

The Aji Amarillo is a baccatum pepper with a chinense type fruity flavor and Cayenne level heat.

Aji Dulce Pepper Plant
($4.99 )

Capsicum chinense. Sweet, fruity, smoky flavored pepper with minimal heat. Looks like a red Habanero.

Ancho San Luis Pepper Plant
($4.99 )

Plant produces large medium hot poblano. These are great for chile rellenos and mole sauces.

Beaver Dam Pepper Plant
($4.99 )

Originally from Hungary, produces a large fruit that is great for stuffing, wonderful flavor with just the right amount of heat.

Black Cuban Pepper Plant
($4.99 )

Ornamental pepper plant with near-black foliage and small black fruit.

Black Pearl Pepper Plant
($4.99 )

A gorgeous ornamental chile pepper plant. Fruit is edible and extremely hot.

Calico Chile Pepper Plant
($5.99 )

This is a spectacularly gorgeous ornamental. Variegated foliage,purple flowers, and purple fruit.

Chocolate Cherry Pepper Plant
($6.99 )

A cherry pepper with a twist, beautiful chocolate color, mildly hot, very rare.

Filius Blue Pepper Plant
($5.99 )

Another wonderful gorgeous ornamental. Blackish green foliage with blue fruit that ripes from orange to yellow.

Kung Pao Pepper Plant
($4.99 )

A hot long slender hybrid Oriental chile pepper, AKA Balada. Great for Kung Pao, Szechuan, and other hot Oriental dishes.

NuMex Twilight Pepper Plant
($5.99 )

Absolutely gorgeous ornamental edible chile pepper plant. Plant is covered in fruit that is every color of the rainbow.

Orange Peter Pepper Plant
($6.99 )

An ornamental pepper. It's a rare coloration of the provocative pepper.

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