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Sweet Banana Pepper Plant
($4.50 )

HEIRLOOM. An All-America Selections Bronze Medal winner for 1941! Do you look at the Food Network? This is one popular pepper!

Sweet Cherry Pepper Plant
(From: $3.75 )

Cherry-shaped peppers are popular for pickling. They have thick walls and ripen from green to bright red

Seeds: Trinidad Moruga Scorpion
($5.00 )

This was listed as the World's Hottest Pepper in 2012. It's from the island of Trinidad - famous for their flavorful hot peppers.

Sweet Pimento Pepper Plant
(From: $3.75 )

This sweet Pimento pepper is an excellent variety for the home vegetable garden!

Big Bertha Sweet Pepper Plant
($4.50 )

Thick-walled and blocky, about 7 inches tall. With a crisp, mild flavor and terrific Sweetness.

California Wonder Red Bell Pepper Plant
($4.50 )

Classic 3-4 inch bell peppers are excellent fresh, roasted, sauted or stuffed

Gypsy Sweet Pepper Plant
($4.50 )

Sweet pepper that boosts yellow, orange, and red bell peppers on the tree at once! Hardy too.

Emerald Giant Sweet Pepper Plant
($4.50 )

This sweet pepper plant produces heavy yields of large, blocky 4-5" x 3½-4" fruits.

Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Blend Pepper Plant
($6.99 )

One of the world's hottest peppers! Super hot pepper from the island of Trinidad!

Yolo Wonder Bell Pepper Plant
($4.50 )

Top quality very well shaped and thicker walls and a very blocky shape with 4 lobes

Apple Sweet Pepper Plant
($4.50 )

Sweet Apple Pepper this offers a juicy sweet flavor with heavy yields.

Brainstrain 7 Pot - Red Pepper Plant
($6.99 )

7 Pot Brainstrain - Red in color that offers flavor with intense heat!

We operate a small farm specializing in a large variety of sweet and hot peppers from the Caribbean - including super hot variety. I sell both seed and plants. Everything is grown with great care - no harsh pesticides at all. We use neem oil or lady bugs. This ensures you receive seed and plants that are free from chemical pesticides, etc

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