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(Veneta, Oregon)
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Astragalus, Chinese seed packet
(From: $3.35 )

Chinese Astragalus - Astragalus membranaceus Minimum 40 seeds

Turkey Rhubarb seed packet
(From: $3.35 )

Turkey Rhubarb aka Chinese Rhubarb - Rheum palmatum v. tanguticum. Minimum 25 seeds.

Amaranth, Chinese Giant Orange seed packet
(From: $3.35 )

Chinese Giant Orange Amaranth - Amaranthus sp. Minimum 100 seeds

Basil, Holy (Rama Tulsi) seed packet
(From: $3.35 )

Holy Basil - Ocimum sanctum Minimum 100 seeds

Mexican Sunflower seed packet
(From: $3.35 )

Mexican Sunflower - Tithonia rotundifolia Minimum 30 seeds

Amaranth, Love Lies Bleeding seed packet
(From: $3.35 )

Love Lies Bleeding Amaranth - Amaranthus caudatus Minimum 200 seeds

Ashwaganda (Indian Ginseng ) seed packet
(From: $3.35 )

Ashwaganda aka Indian Ginseng - Withania somnifera Minimum 40 seeds

Nasturtium Mix seed packet
($3.35 )

Nasturtium Mix - Tropaeolum majus Minimum 20 seeds

Painted Poppy Mix seed packet
(From: $3.35 )

Painted Poppy Mix seed packet - Papaver somniferum minimum 300 seeds

Tobacco, Perique smoking seed packet
(From: $3.35 )

'Perique' Smoking Tobacco -Nicotiana tabacum Minimum 100 seeds

Balloon Flower seed packet
(From: $3.35 )

Balloon Flower aka Jie-geng - Platycodon grandiflorus Minimum 50 seeds

Balsam, Garden seed packet
(From: $3.35 )

Garden Balsam (Camellia-Flowered Mix) - Impatiens balsamina Minimum 75 seeds

This farmer is currently on medical leave and may not be offering seeds until later in the 2015 season. We invite you to check back here in February for an update, put your name on a waiting list for a specific product, or contact us through our mailbox. Thank you for your interest!!

Welcome to our shop where local seeds matter! Here you will find our handpicked best seed varieties for 2014. From Amaranth to Zinnia...this is garden grown goodness from the Pacific Northwest!

Green Journey Seeds is a cottage industry created from the ground up! All of our seeds are organically grown on our small family farm. My name is Aline Crehore, I am an organic farmer and graphic artist. My partner Steve Trimmell and I are pleased to offer this collection of open-pollinated seeds. Steve and I work side by side to sustain the garden and we enjoy the healthy benefits and beauty of these beloved plants.

At harvest time, we gather, dry, clean & sort our seeds. During the fall and winter, we test for germination and pack our best seeds for the coming spring season. We sell seed in reusable packets in quantities suitable for home gardeners. I create all the original illustrations, as well as design and print our seed packets.Your purchase here directly supports both our work and Thank you!

Most of our seeds are also available as Seed Greeting Cards made from 50% sugar cane/ 50% recycled fibers (sample card shown in the photo above). When you choose to buy this option from our Localharvest store, we mount the seed packet in an embossed greeting card w/ a matching envelope...great for giving a gift of seeds!

In Plants We Trust!

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