Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care

(Henderson, Colorado)
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Rejuvenating Seven Facial Oil Treatment
($32.49 )

Re-knits collagen and reduces wrinkles and the appearance of dry lines.

Balancing Facial Lotion
($37.49 )

Balances, moisturizes and relaxes normal and combination skin.

Balancing Moisture Cream
($37.49 )

Heals, balances, nourishes and moisturizes skin. Helps diminish dryness that causes wrinkles.

Balancing Oil Free Skin Conditioning Serum
($34.95 )

Conditions and firms skin while it heals and moisturizes. Stimulates cell proliferation and improves skin performance.

Balancing Seaweed Facial Cleanser
($23.25 )

Tones, detoxifies, balancies and cleanses the skin.

Calming Facial Toner
($22.39 )

Never irritates skin. Provides nourishment, toning and tightening of pores and adds new luster to sensitive skin.

Calming Moisture Cream
($37.49 )

Guaranteed non-irritating. Smooths, nourishes and moisturizes sensitive skin. Helps prevent lines caused by premature aging.

Hydrating Moisture Mist
($19.95 )

Everyone enjoys the sweet floral scent of Essential Oils in our beloved organic moisture mist.

Kissable Lips
($4.89 )

A rich emollient blend of oils to protect and promote healing of sore, chapped lips.

Nourishing Moisture Cream
($37.49 )

Balances and moisturizes skin and protects skin from harsh elements of arid climates.

Nourishing Rose Facial Toner
($22.39 )

Keeps skin hydrated, moist and supple to prevent lines and dryness all day.

Organic Kukui Sensitive Facial Oil Treatment
($32.49 )

This highly penetrating oil prevents mature aging.

The best organic skin care comes from a farm, ideally grown and made on a USDA certified organic farm. We think the very optimal way to obtain the best organic skin care is to buy it directly from the USDA certified organic grower! That would be Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care, --that is not just our name, it is who we are and what we do! Try it for yourself and see the difference skin care grown on a USDA certified organic farm makes to the texture and vibrancy of your skin!

1.) Does the company make their own products? If not, they are not in the making skin care products business; they are in the marketing business. They cannot maintain any control over quality control issues. I would not buy from any skin care co. that does not even make their own products. Who does? How?

2.) Are the products made fresh?

3.) Do the products state clearly on every bottle, "No synthetic chemicals" ever? If not, they probably do. Quality organic skin care does not contain synthetic chemicals. One little trick to know is if they make an eye product, the FDA mandates that all EYE products contain from a list of synthetic chemicals.

4.) Where are the products made? What state? Or are they made outside of the USA? To insure higher quality you want them at the very least made in the USA.

5.) Does the company use wasteful over packaging and boxes that only contribute to landfills?

6.) Does the company only make full size in glass? Glass is non-porous and does not leak. It is far superior. We do use plastic in travel sizes.

7.) What quality assurances does the company have? An FDA regulation lab? A USDA certified organic lab?

8.) Clearly biased, does the company grow its own ingredients on its own USDA certified organic farm? Please don't forget that organic equals agriculture! If you really want to be organic, it has be from a farm!

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